Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Week 2012

It's that week again! The week where half of our little family adds a candle to their cake! The fearless father celebrated the big 3-2 on Friday, and Cambell Grace is 4 fancy years old today! I love celebrating these two! How awesome are the miss-matched candles?!? Go with what you got ;).

We are enjoying this day with sweet Cambell Grace. This is one of our last years to spend a birthday with her at home before the big Kindergarten begins. This little one has made our family fancier, sillier, and sweeter than I could ever have imagined. Her little heart cannot stand to see anyone sad or in pain. She takes better care of Grayer than I do sometimes. She is my little snuggle buddy and shopping companion. When Daddy is out of town, I keep her up late just to talk because I love the way her mind works. She has a mind of her own and while that can get annoying as a parent sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way. This girl is still teaching me how to be a mommy and I just hope I am doing right by her at least most of the time! I look so forward to watching her mature into a girl and a woman and seeing what God has in store for her life! We are so proud of our precious Cambell Grace!

More on our celebrations to come... I haven't even posted about Grayer's party yet! Yikes!