Thursday, March 10, 2011


What are my sweet littles up to these days???
Mr. Grayer is TWELVE weeks old!
His mobile. Grayer is captivated for long periods of time by Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger circling above him. He frantically kicks his legs and punches the air while cooing at his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods. It is one of my favorite forms of entertainment these days :)
Fish-related toys. Well, really just his aquarium bouncy seat and crib toy. He loves staring at the bubbles, resulting in energetic kicking. The boy can focus. He furrows his brow and could win any staring contest. He definitely is his Daddy's boy in that regard.
Napping in his crib. The boy sleeps 8-9 hours in his crib at night, but will at most sleep 30-45 minutes in said crib during the waking hours. I don't get it. He will nap for 3-4 hours in his car seat while we are out and about without a hitch, but the baby will.not.nap long in his crib. Every now and then I give in and let him nap in his swing, which he will also sleep in for hours on end. Silly boy.
Being alone: Grayer is usually happy as long as another human is in his line of sight... especially his sister. Grayer loves watching and studying Cambell. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual. Our little man loves giving smiles and coos to those who will listen. He doesn't necessarily have to be held... just knowing someone is near will suffice. Must be a second child thing :)Miss Cambell has 2 months left being a 2 year old!
Being a big sister. Cambell has embraced this role beautifully. She loves her little brother with a precious little passion that sometimes needs taming. When she is not kissing him, bringing him burp cloths and blankets, or standing over his crib watching him, she is bossing him around. She's got the job down to an art :).Her babies. Cambell's mothering instinct is strong, to say the least. When she is not taking care of Mommy and Grayer, she is taking care of her babies. Her main baby is Sally Grace, named by Cambell herself. Sally Grace is probably better taken care of than Grayer. She goes to the doctor to get ear infections (yes, you read that right), her temperature is taken many times a day, and she mainly eats cupcakes and cookies in her highchair. Sally Grace sleeps on top of a giant pig covered up with a blankie because she is WAY too good for the crib in which all of the other babies share. Don't worry about the others, though. They get plenty of attention. For instance, below you will find two Dr. Seuss characters and a baby from her Mimi on pillows by her bed. She shared her lovies with the Dr. Seuss characters, one for each, and covered them all up with her special blankie. That is love, my friends... especially for the baby who gets to sleep with the mallet with a cookie by her head.
Angelina Ballerina. This has actually turned into a borderline obsession. We found a new (2009) Angelina Ballerina movie through Netflix instant streaming and Cambell is HOOKED. She dances with Angelina throughout the show and HAS to wear her ballet shoes while watching. Multiple times a day I get asked to watch "Angelina Ballerina with all the little girls". I love how much this girl loves all things related to dance. A distant second in the TV department is the Wonder Pets, but Angelina holds her heart and attention at the moment.

I'm not going to talk about Cambell's dislikes at the moment. I chalk it up to being two years old with a strong will. You can use your imagination :)