Monday, February 14, 2011

2 Months of Grayer!

Two Months of Grayer. Where to begin. After a very low key, sweet first month with our little man, the second month was... shall we say.... eventful. At 6 weeks of age, little man had his first ear infection. I took him to our pediatrician because he was terribly congested, fussy, and not eating. It turned out that his poor ears were infected and not only were we going to start antibiotics, but also breathing treatments for the congestion. Thankfully, he did not have RSV and his lungs were clear. We have had too many friends in and out of the hospital this season. The lack of appetite was also not a problem, seeing as he was TWELVE pounds at 6 weeks! After a week of breathing treatments every four hours, antibiotics, and looooong nights, little guy was not feeling any better. After taking him in again, his ears and breathing were both WORSE :(. We switched antibiotics and added an additional medicine to his nebulizer treatments. The antibiotics twice a day, nursing every 3 hours, and breathing treatments every 4 hours had me feeling like I could not take care of anything else in my life... and I have a two year old, husband, business, and house that require and deserve my time. Sweet Cambell has been such a trooper. She still adores her brother as much as she did when we brought him home and has been understanding when I can't do everything I want for her. She has handled the cabin fever related to the COLD and need to keep Grayer in MUCH better than me. I was not made to be away from people and kept indoors. Thankfully, as of this weekend, we are only giving breathing treatment in the morning with any others only as needed. We are FINISHED with the antibiotics and he is giving me a little more time in between feedings. I feel a lot more freedom and have made every effort to be around friends every moment we can. Grayer even went to his playgroup for the first time on Thursday morning! There have definitely been moments where my hormones have gotten the best of me, but my love for this little guy is overflowing. He is our buddy :)
Grayer is such a smiley little guy. In the past week, he has started giving me that precious, toothless grin every time I look at him :). His smiles and coos keep me in a constant state of melting.
I cannot believe we have a son. I was so worried I would not be as excited about "boy" things, but I LOVE having a boy! I feel so blessed that I get to experience both. I'm not going to lie... I would be really upset--ok, devastated if I had not had my girl... but now I know that a boy is just as fun :) I love these two. Grayer adores Cambell and is mesmerized by her presence. He carefully watches her every move. I love the face Grayer is making below. He has crazy eyes. He makes this face ALL the time and it never ceases to make me laugh :)
Our family feels so complete with Grayer in it. He is our precious little man, and totally worth the fuss and work :) Here is a video of some of our favorite moments from our first two months with buddy...