Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THAT kind of morning...

This morning has been THAT kind of morning. You know... the one where you are running just late enough to miss the carpool lane, so you have to take your daughter and sick son inside without shoes on because you wore leather flats with bows on them with your old school, hideous work out shorts and massive t-shirt because you didn't think you were going to have to get out of the car. The kind of morning where your daughter throws a horrendous fit over something one shouldn't even bat an eyelash over, throwing herself on the ground, making us just late enough to have endure previous said experience. The kind of morning that proves I do not have it together. Not that I really believed otherwise, but this definitely sealed the deal. When I got home, Grayer threw up all over me. I guess I deserved that.
I completely lost it on Cambell Grace. I wouldn't even walk her down the hall to her room, I was so mad at her for her behavior this morning. I feel terrible about the way I left her. Thankfully, 3 year old girls are quite forgiving. I will pick her up from preschool today with a hug, an apology, and maybe even some sort of treat. I am so thankful that even at their/my worst, I have been entrusted with these two little lives. These little people depend on me, so I will pull myself together, apply some mascara, and fake it till I make it!
After all the anger and throw up, I sat on the couch with my sweet, sick son and cuddled him while he chewed on a rubber ducky and I sipped my well deserved pumpkin spice latte, just thankful for grace. Thankful for my little sweeties who ADORE each other and their parents. Thankful for the reminder that I CANNOT do this by myself. Hopeful that I am a work in progress.


Kate said...

You are such a wonderful Mama! Hope the rest of your day goes much better!

Jocelyn said...

glad to know i'm not the only one that has some of "those days". your kiddos are so precious!