Monday, June 13, 2011


Cambell Grace Cook turned THREE YEARS OLD on May 7th. I cannot believe my baby girl is three. She seems so grown up these days. Still a drama queen and a super sass, but the sweet outweighs the stink :).

To celebrate 3 years of Cambell, we had a party at our house with the theme, Monkeys Jumping On the Bed.

I believe the party to be a success because Cambell Grace LOVED it! Her little friends came over in their jammies to jump like monkeys and eat breakfast... my 3 year old's favorite things :).

Pink doughnuts galore!
The grown-up food...
My big girl with her "3" shaped doughnut!
Sweet child could not for the life of her blow out those candles.
We finally enlisted Ainsley's help :)
Little brother partied a little too hard...
So thankful for such sweet friends already!
Outdoor activities... The bounce house... or as Cambell calls it, the "Jumping Party"!

Sandbox fun!
Little artists at work...Sweet siblings enjoying the bounce house at the after-party...
Sweet Aunt Summer!
The team that made it happen! They were such troopers and people are still talking about Mimi's sausage balls!
Three sweet years with Cambell Grace! So thankful she made me a Momma! Some of Cambell Grace's adventures as a 3 year old...
My big girl in her cute outfit made by Lolli!
We've played beauty shop a couple of days and straightened Cambell's hair out of curiosity. She looks SO grown up and like a different child!
We said good-bye to Ms. Jackie's class at FUMC Waco. Cambell already misses Ms. Jackie, but is so excited for what PRESCHOOL will bring! Upon my explanation that she will no longer be in Ms. Jackie's class, Cambell Grace responded in her most dramatic tone, "It's not sad... it's so SO SO sad!" She also reached out to the side as if she was pattimg Ms. Jackie and said, "It's ok, Ms. Jackie".

The most exciting of her adventures as a three year old has been her ballet recital. Cambell was in the Tiny Tots class at Jenni Holley Dance Studio and LOVED it. I have been so pleased this year with all that my ballerina has learned and it has been a great experience. She loves Ms. Jenni and Ms. Tressie, along with her fellow teeney ballerinas. The little mice did a fabulous job, and by fabulous, I mean no one cried, tripped, or ran off the stage :). No really, they were adorable. I was backstage with them until the moment they went on stage and the other backstage mom leaned over and said, "This is my favorite part... The curtains will open and the crowd will say, 'awwwww'". Sure enough, she was exactly right.

I mean, how could anyone resist these little cuties?!?!
The girls enjoyed hanging out backstage. One of the moms came equip with ballerina coloring sheets, crayons, a DVD player, and ballerina books. After intermission, we brought Cambell in the auditorium to watch the performance and she was in heaven. It was so sweet to watch her watch the older girls and try to mimic them in front of her seat :) Grayer decided he was finished watching before the show ended, so we called it quits early and didn't take part in the finale. That was ok, because Cambell was the only Tiny Tot at the dress rehearsal who had no interest in sitting down with her class. She got up in front of everyone and walked to the side of the stage holding her crotch. Then she put her finger in her nose. Classy girl, that one.
I just LOVE these sweet girls. They are all going to be in the same class in the fall. And they will be starting TAP! So exciting.
Lolli and the supportive brother. I'm so glad Lolli and Aunt Summer got to come watch Cambi. It brought a flood of sweet memories.
So proud of my BIG GIRL! She's worth all of her drama :)


The Feldmans said...

What a fun and creative birthday theme! She is precious! Mr.Grayer is a cutie too! What a precious family you have!

The Blogivers said...

Ha! Love the part about her holding her crotch... I walked by my neighbors' house this morning and their little girl kept yelling, "I have a rash!", pulling up her dress, and pointing near her crotch - hard not to laugh!

C and G said...

ADORABLE party!! What a sweet 3 year old.

Mimi said...

How can we get the curls back?
Hardly recognized her without them.

Carl Crew said...

She is JUST PRECIOUS. I can't believe how big she's gotten! And what a party! So creative and so fun!

Anonymous said...