Monday, April 25, 2011

Grayer's 1st Easter and a Potty Princess!

Yesterday was Grayer's first Easter! It was a beautiful, WINDY day, celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior. This year was special as it was Grayer's first, but also because Cambell seemed to "get it" a little more this year. We beat it into her head that Jesus IS the reason for Easter. We felt like we had done our job when asked on the way to church what Easter is about, Cambell responded- "Easter is all about God's Son". Mission accomplished :). She sure enjoyed hunting for eggs and a basket full of candy-filled eggs, but I didn't want Jesus to get lost in all of the sugar.

We went to the worship service at our church, Harris Creek, then played with the babies in the nursery. Thankfully we were overstaffed second service in the baby room, so I got to rock and hold my precious son while he napped, which is a rare treat. If it were up to me, I would never put down the little guy :)

After church, we headed over to GranSara and Grandado's house for Easter lunch. They invited several young professionals without family in town to join us, as well as a wonderful new friend and her daughter whose husband was out of town. Lindsay has a two year old who has become Cambell's friend, which was a bonus for the day. We enjoyed the time there, but tuckered out quickly after a crazy weekend filled with power outages, birthday parties, and potty training. Every member of our family took a LONG nap that afternoon followed by an excellent brinner courtesy of Daddy. Every Easter with Cambell, we have spent the evening outside. Both years, we took video of Cambell in her swing. I wanted to carry out this tradition by filming Grayer in the swing and Cambell doing whatever she wanted outside, but as I was cleaning the swing for my sweet boy, a wasp stung me on top of my head, confirming what I already knew- all bugs are out to get me. I understand why God created bees... pollination, honey, and what-not... but wasps? They're just mean. Now Graham has taken care of our apparent wasp problem and all is well in Cookville. I'm just glad it was me and not one of my babies! It did bring an abrupt halt to our fun evening. We opted for a safe evening on the couch watching The Backyardigans. All in all, it was a very happy 1st Easter for Grayer Wilkes!

In other news, my Cambell Grace is OFFICIALLY potty trained! Last Monday Cambell decided she wanted to wear her big girl panties. I have been waiting for this to be HER idea. She has been going on the potty off and on for a LONG time- like 18 months! Last week she finally decided it was time to go full time. She only had ONE accident last week, and it was on the first day. There were two days that were TOUGH emotionally and spent almost solely in the bathroom (too bad one of those days coincided with the aforementioned power outage), but we have made it over the hump and she is doing great! This morning we celebrated her pull-up being dry all night with a promised donut! She went for the purple with sprinkles... she is, after all, quite fancy.
A girl after my own heart... she knows the good stuff! We are SO PROUD of our big girl! Big weekend at the Cook house!

I know I am SO behind on blogging, so I just decided to start at the present and move backward. Hopefully there is more to come soon!