Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grayer Wilkes Cook

Introducing Grayer Wilkes Cook
Sunday, December 12, 2010
5:06 p.m. 8 lbs 10 oz. 20 inches
Two and a half weeks ago, sweet Grayer entered the world and made the perfect addition to our little family. To say that we are in love would be a complete understatement. This little guy is worth the sleep deprivation. I am finding it difficult to come up with one word to describe our transition to a family of four. In so many ways it has been completely natural and filled with sweet moments I want to etch in my brain and keep forever. Other moments have left me feeling completely spent. Two days after coming home from the hospital with our little guy, Cambell came down with a vicious stomach bug. She has only had one other bug in her life that affected her as badly as this one. It was horrible for all parties involved, but the worst part was the emotional toll it took on all of us. Before the dreaded bug, the transition was perfectly smooth. During the dreaded bug, Graham handled most of Cambell duties to ensure that I did not get sick and Grayer barely left his room to ensure his safety. This really hurt Cambell's feelings and I regret ever letting it happen. Long story short, I took a lot of time reconciling myself with Cambell and within 48 hours, her stomach and heart were healed. I could do without that little glitch in our family history. Cambell is back to her over zealous love for her baby brother, and her mommy.
My sweet babies.
Little Grayer at the hospital...
We are so in love with this little guy. His little temperament is sweet and content so far. I love this cuddly boy. He is an exact replica of his big sister! I'm sure they will not always look exactly alike, but at this point they are identical.
Every day he is more alert and expressive. I forgot how much I love this newborn stage.
Two and a half weeks... and we can't imagine a world without Grayer!
I am so grateful for these precious little lives that have been entrusted to us. We feel so undeserving of such a gift.
Now we are enjoying a week with Daddy at home with us. I am loving life with my family of four... even though I have never been this tired :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our First Sunshine...

To say that I am a sentimental person would be a complete understatement. In fact, my sentimentality often drives my husband and family members crazy. Papers and pictures are stored and overflow in our closets, traditions must be kept in the exact manner they were formed, and most mention of change is met with great amounts of grumbling. For a Mommy, this can be VERY distressing. These little ones do not stay the same long, and it is impossible to capture every movement on tape or record every anecdote worthy moment. As I said at the end of my last post, I am growing increasingly sentimental about these last days/weeks as a family of three. Cambell taught me how to be a Mommy. She is the light and joy of our home. Graham and I have only grown closer learning to be parents to her. I must say, she has made it pretty easy. We have of course had our tough moments... but for the most part, she is a compliant, sweet natured little girl and we are so grateful for who she is already at 2 and a half years of age.

This post is dedicated to making sure our first sunshine does not get overlooked during this exciting time and expansion of our family. I am going to be "that mom" and tell you all of the wonderful things I love about Cambell Grace Cook.

Cambell is SO loving and has a sweet, sensitive heart. Graham and I mention this often as something we appreciate and are grateful to see in our child. She is constantly telling us she loves us and asking if we are ok. I cannot even count the number of times she has told me today how much she loves me. Not only is she generous with affirmation of love, but also her appreciation of Mommy and Daddy. Little bit has a diaper rash at the moment. This morning after doctoring her little bottom she tells me, "Thank you, Mommy. Thank you for putting medicine on my bottom. It makes me feel much better. Thank you, Mommy. I love you, Mommy." This of course is followed by a big ol' Cambell hug. Her gratitude for the simplest of things blesses my socks off.
I also appreciate Cambell's sensitive nature, even though it can mean extra tears at times. She gets her feelings hurt easily, but with this comes a natural sensitivity towards others that melts my heart because it innate and not taught. Upon noticing a friend in tears, she will offer a hug, pat on the back, and "wha's wrong, (insert name-Cambell is VERY big on saying names, often more times than necessary)?" Her concern for others is one of the things Graham and I appreciate most about her. She especially hates to see Mommy upset. With pregnancy, comes unwanted tears at times, and Cambell has been the sweetest encourager.
I am so excited to watch Cambell become a big sister. Hopefully her obsession with babies will work to our advantage. I know that there will be jealousy, but right now she LOVES the idea of a baby brother. She loves being in Grayer's room and making sure his toys and things are in just the right place. Cambell sings to Baby Gway'r every night and loves to rub and kiss my tummy. The other day, completely unprompted, Cambell looked and my belly and told her brother, "Come on out, Baby Gway'r. Daddy's got a special room for ya." I put this on facebook, but needed to say it on the blog too to make sure it is adequately documented :). That moment completely melted my heart. When Cambell colors, she loves to have Mommy write out her name along with Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Grayer. It makes me so happy to have her already include her brother in our family without my having to remind her or push the issue.
I love this little girl. Not only does she melt our heart, she also keeps us laughing. Her facial expressions, squeaky voice, and wit are the perfect combination for comic relief. Here are some silly Cambellisms as of late (a few of which were on facebook, so please excuse the repetition :)):
- Cambell to Daddy after letting one loose: "Did you burp in your diaper? Are you poopy?"
On running errands: No Mommy, I want to walk to errands... pllllllease, I can walk to errands, not running errands!"
-We're driving as a family and Cambell is looking really sleepy. I turn around and ask how she is doing, and get a very enthusiastic "Gig Em, Gaggies", with pointer finger extended out of absolutely nowhere.
-Cambell changes her shoes no less than 10 times a day. She comes in and shows us, "Look at my (pedipeds/sandals/crocs/boots/ballets/whatever other brand shoe she happens to be sporting)".
-She says, "OK" as much as I do... which I consider a flaw :)... "Ok, Mommy... You want a carrot? Okaaaaaaay? Ok. I get you a carrot. Ok? Ok."
-Cambell is very big on knowing what is coming in a given day. "Where're we going today? Am I going to school to see Ms. Jackie and Ms. Donielle and my friends? Are we going to eat cereal? Are we going to dance to see Ms. Jenni and Ms. Tressie and my friends and do the choo choo train? Are we going to church to see my friends? Are we going to run errands? Are we going to see some friends? Where is ev'ybodee (arms out to the side in shrugged shoulder position)?" Notice a pattern? :)
-Cambell's versions of songs: Come Thou Fount-"Let thy goodness, like you better, bind my wandering heart to thee"
Dynamite (Taio Cruz)- "We gonna light it up, like it's time to Mike"
This chair is one of Cambell's favorite places. The child will read for an hour at a time in this chair, as content as can be. Another characteristic especially appreciated by her mother :). She memorizes her books, and sometimes makes up stories as she goes along. Her inflection is what tickles us. Up and down it goes, usually with corresponding facial expressions.
One night, I had Graham type out Cambell's rendition of Noah's Ark as she read aloud. A classic example of how she mixes memorization with her own little twist:
"Noah makes a big boat. Make a biiiiiig boat, God said. Yes, I will, said Noah. Noah loved God. It took a looooooong time. It rained, and rained and rained some more. The water went over the houses and over the trees. It went higher and higher and higher until there were no more people. And it’s time to say thank you. There are many animals on the boat. He took his family on the big boat. The water was all gone. God took it away. He made a rainbow. A rainbow is about God’s promise."

Lately, one of Cambell's favorite past times is pulling ALLLLL of the food out of her kitchen on the ground and calling it Party Time. "Come eat Pardee Time, Mommy and Daddy... PARDEE TIIIIIIME (with hands in the air as loud as she can)". Party Time basically means we all sit on the floor around her kitchen and pretend to eat what is handed to us. Today, I had the pleasure of getting a cupcake, a cookie, and a whole onion on my plate. Party Time happens a good 4 to 5 times a day in the Cook house :)

I am so grateful for these two and a half years as a family of three, and know we are only going to grow stronger as a family of four. Our family is not complete without little Grayer and we are so excited to meet him. I just wanted to share my overflowing love for our first baby before our second arrives. I'm not hormonal or anything ;) Today, I took Cambell for a lunch date just the two of us. I will miss our days of going as we please as I can take her pretty much anywhere. She is a sweet companion for this Mommy and I look forward to my heart only growing in love for my TWO little miracles.