Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School...

Cambellina went back to school today! It is especially exciting because she has a teacher who had the kids I was a nanny for, and I ADORE her. Ms. Jackie has been at FUMC Kids' Kastle and Preschool for THIRTY years! Not only is she wonderful with the kids, but she has the most soothing voice and English accent... I wish she could come read to us at night to put the whole family to sleep :). I love, love, love the program Cambell is in. I am on the Council for the school, and seeing everything behind the scenes has made me love and respect the program even more. I look forward to seeing all that Cambell learns this year!

Cambell had a great first day. I asked her about it on the way home and our conversation went like this:

S: What did you do at school today, Cambell?
C: I go outside and slide and walked and then LOTS of slides (said with her eyes as wide as they go)
S: Oh wow! What else?
C: I play inside with the kitchen because I sha-re. (little bit loves to draw out those words... That would be learned from her mother... oops).
S: How sweet of you.
C: Yea. And I play wif blocks. I love blocks. I love colors. I paint, Mommy! (VERY enthusiastic about this)
My favorite part of the end to Cambell's day is her summary of what happened. It's usually accurate, but always humorous and overly enthusiastic :). Lately, Cambell just seems so OLD! I love watching her grow, but I would really like it to slow down a little! Sunday night, Daddy had a meeting, so Cambell and I had a special girl night... which, I guess every day is special girl time, but Sunday nights we are usually all together, so I felt like we needed to have some intentional extra fun :). Cambell noticed that Mommy's toe nail paint was beginning to chip (I wish I was kidding) and suggested we paint our nails together. We sprawled out on the kitchen floor and went to work. The toes were a piece of cake, but this was my first attempt at painting her finger nails. NEVER AGAIN. Well, maybe just not until she is seven! It was hard to explain that the polish has to dry and so we have to keep our hands still. We survived, and it was worth the effort for the following picture.
You also may notice she is wearing pigtails. I have been trying for SO long to get the child to let me put pig tails in her hair, but she would never sit still long enough to finish. Finally, it was HER idea to put "pony-ta-als" like Mommy in her hair, providing the patience needed to complete the job. The child is just so stinkin' prissy. Everything these days is "so cute". We will be reading a book, and she point to something and say, "Isn't that SO cute, Mommy?". Other things that tend to be "cute" in the eyes of Cambell: babies, Cambell's dresses, Mommy's dresses, Cambell's shoes and bows, and other friends.

Below, I had asked Cambell to smile, to which she replied, "How about I make a silly face, Mommy?" This is what I got. She cracks me up.
Some of my favorite conversations as of late:

C (with a very somber expression): Baby Elephant needs a time out.
S: Really? What did he do wrong?
C: He spilled.
(I walk over and notice her ABC puzzle pieces all over the floor)
S: Oh no. I bet he needs to pick up the pieces.
C: No. He needs a time out.
(Places baby elephant in time out)
5 minutes later...
S: I think Baby Elephant has spent enough time in time out. Do you want to get him out?
C: No. He needs a spanking.
S: Uh oh. Why is that?
C: Because he got mad.
So random. For the record, she does not get spankings for getting mad. Maybe for some of the things she does as a result of being mad... but never for getting mad. It was interesting to see what she thought deserved a spanking. She runs a tight ship!

Last night Cambell was having a moment where she was really frustrated and Daddy and I were working through it with her VERY patiently, I might add. In the end while she was still crying, she was giving Daddy a hug and telling him she was sorry, Daddy asked her to give Mommy a hug as well. Still weeping, she comes over and says, "No hug, Mommy. I need a kiss", and proceeded to give Mommy many tear filled kisses with "I need a kiss, Mommy" before each one. It is so sweet to see the remorse she feels when she does not obey. We have been reading a lot about obedience in her little Bible, so she repeats, "I need to obey Mommy and Daddy" over and over throughout the day, especially BEFORE she disobeys, which is quite comical on this side of things.
Right now one of her favorite books is Fancy Nancy. I have mentioned her affinity for memorizing books before. Well, this one is especially cute coming from her little mouth with her high, squeaky voice. Her favorite parts that she will randomly say around the house or while talking herself to sleep are, "Nobody in my family is fancy at all. They never even ask for sprinkles"."I make an ad and stick it on the fridge. (Note: she usually says this one BY our refrigerator) 'Learn to be Fancy with Lessons from Nancy. Easy. Fun. Free.'" "After dinner, let's have parfaits. That's French for ice cream sundaes. Amazing! My Mother knows French!". "Oops. I trip. I slip. The tray does a double flip. (whining) I don't feel fancy any more. I want to go home"... to which she always adds some fake crying and adds, "I cwy-ing".

Cambell has an obsession with pointing out glasses. One day, out of the blue while walking through the mall, she says, "I do not wear glasses, but Daddy wears glasses. Grandado wears glasses, too." True enough, Cambell. :) I need her to say the word "glasses" on camera at some point. It is one of my favorite words she says. Annunciation is very important to Cambell, so she makes sure to draw out every little sound.
Another common occurrence is to refute a compliment by saying, I'm not cute, I'm two!" I have tried to explain on many occasions that it is possible to be both. :)

Every night when putting her to bed, we sing some songs in her chair and then I lay her in the bed and sing one more song while I cover her up and scratch her back. When it is over, she usually asks, "Can I please keep singing, Mommy?" She has caught on that the answer is always yes and every now and will say, "Ok, Mommy. I love you. I am going to keep singing, Ok?" She is also known for saying "Mommy, that is a GREAT song" when we are finished singing. She is quite the encourager.

Cambell loves performing and making sure Mommy and Daddy notice what she is doing. It always starts with, "look-a-my" followed by the verb. "Look-a-my running". "Look-a-my jumping". "Look-a-my dancing". "Look-a-my stacking (blocks)".
One thing we are working on right now is fear. She says she is scared A LOT. We talk about praying for God to help us to feel brave, knowing he is with us, etc. We can usually work through it and face whatever it is... a dog, a bug, a dark room, a loud noise... but it has caused for a few embarrassing moments in public. Once, in line at McAlister's, a little boy was dancing all around in a really goofy manner, and Cambell pointed at him and said, "I'm scared of you". Thankfully, THAT time no one heard her but us. The other time was at the grocery store. I was pushing Cambell in her cart and a disheveled looking woman looked and waved at us, and Cambell pointed and said, "I'm scared of her". The woman heard and I was HORRIFIED. I just made up an excuse that we are learning about strangers talking to us, and the sweet woman said she understood and it was smart to start learning that early on. EEEEEK.

So, that is what our big girl is up to starting her second year of school. Wordy, I know... but I want to remember these little things at this small speck of time in Cambell's life. Next year she will start year one out of two of PRESCHOOL! Yikes! It's going by too fast!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Because You Only Have a Third, First Day of Dance in One Year Once...

My little ballerina had her third, first day of dance yesterday! Graham has been making fun of me for my tour of the Waco dance studio circuit. I promise I have a good reason for Cambell trying 3 studios in one year... not to mention before the age of 2 and a half :)

We started out at Central Texas Dance Academy in McGregor last fall in the Mommy-and-Me Boogie Babies class. I know and adore the owner and it was wonderful first experience with dance. Unfortunately, they changed the day of the week for this fall, which conflicted with Life Group, and it is further away than I would like. I am so grateful for our time there, and who knows... we may be back at some point!
First day of dance last year... she has grown up so much!
Then, this summer we did a 6 week Mommy-and-Me dance camp at Joy's with a group of our friends. I really like Joy's, but I confirmed again that Cambell needs to be in a class without Mommy. It was fun, but total chaos! The only class Cambell was eligible to take in the fall was an HOUR long Mommy-and-Me class, and I just was not up for it. Plus, with Grayer on the way, we could not do it in the Spring if I had to participate.
But now we have found the PERFECT match for this year (I still don't know where she will end up in the coming years). A thirty minute class at Jenni Holley WITHOUT Mommy that I can still watch through a tinted window so she cannot see me. Besides getting confused driving there, therefore arriving late, and realizing that when they said the UNIFORM was pink leotard and pink tights, they meant uniform, as in, you buy it from us... it was perfect! I was teary eyed watching her follow her teacher and seeing how much she LOVED every second (besides the first few seconds after dropping her in the room without me). It was the first time we left a dance class where I felt that she ACTUALLY danced the WHOLE time and I didn't have to be stressed out about her running all over the place. She really listened and followed directions. Another plus is that she has two little friends from her Parents' Day Out class (one who is in playgroup, too) with her! I am so excited about our perfect fit!
I love my teeny ballerina!