Friday, August 27, 2010

LoveStorey Creations 2.0

My little business just got an upgrade :) I am so beyond thrilled! For a week now my new spot at Spice, shared with 2 other Mommas, has been open for business. My sweet friends and I share over 500 square feet together in our shop. The majority of the space is 40 Weeks, a maternity boutique owned by the amazing Deanna Starling. Kim Gooch has custom nurseries set up with Goochie Goochie Custom Nurseries. She offers custom nursery bedding and the most comfortable chairs you have ever put your toosh in. Seriously. And then, of course, is LoveStorey Creations! I have an area displaying examples of my custom work, as well as examples complementing Kim's bedding examples. Throughout the store I have Baby Sleeping signs, Bow Holders, smaller canvases with verses and quotes on them, and wooden frames. They are scattered all around. I am hoping to branch out with some new items soon, but had to start somewhere :)

It feels so good to take this step. Deanna, Kim, and I have put so much into the store and its look. It is a great representation of the three of us. I am so grateful to work with such amazing friends. Our oldest girls are within 3 months of each other and are such sweet little friends. Being at Spice is important to me. It all started 5 years ago when I moved to Waco. My friend, Allison Sadler (now Allison Thompson), had a space in Spice and was looking for some way to sell verses on canvases. It just so happened that I was willing and had the time! It all went down in Red River. Ahhh... Red River. Ok, I'm back... So it started out SMALL. A few canvases here and there when I had the time. When I became a newlywed, grad student, while still working full time, I was unable to keep it going. After I found out I was pregnant with Cambell, LoveStorey was revived, but not back at Spice because Allison had since given up her space. I considered going on my own, but was too chicken and full of excuses why not at the time. UNTIL... I met Kim at playgroup. She still had the baby boutique at Spice at the time and was willing to sell my canvases and leftover stock from when I was at Canton on consignment. I started with her in May of 2009. A little over a year later, and I am on my own- still working with Kim, just officially have my own lease, etc. This has been a five year journey, and I am so excited! The custom part of my business is still the largest, and I expect that to continue. I am still taking orders apart from the store as well. Basically, it is business as usual, with the added space in the store :). I am up for the challenge. Maybe a little crazy, but that is to be expected :) So that was more than you EVER cared to know about the history of LoveStorey at Spice... now onto pictures...

Last Wednesday morning... the first moving day... much work to be done!
More beginnings...
Thursday afternoon... we are in business :) The grand entrance...

Graham built this for me! It started out as a door, formerly our headboard in our old apartment. He set it on a stand, cased it in beaded board, added pegs, built on a table, and there you have it :) Seriously, there is NO way I could do this business without him. He took off work last Wednesday and did manual labor for TWELVE HOURS at the shop. Nice day off, huh? Not only is he always making everything I do more efficient, building fixtures, building boxes to mail odd shaped canvases, covering baby sleeping signs and bow holders, and stapling bows... but he also helps take over Cambell duties and helps keep our life in order when I get in over my head. I would like to think we are a pretty darn good team. He is ALWAYS thinking about my business and has much bigger dreams for me than I do. I seriously could not do this without him.
Another angle... what you would see if you come up the main stairs into Spice on your right...
That is the end of my little preview of the next stage of LoveStorey Creations!

I do want to mention one more thing for those who are still hanging on :) Our family has been a HUGE help in all of this. My sweet Mimi spent last week with us so that we could all but sleep at the store. She cooked for us each night and even found the bottom of the laundry hamper. I didn't know it existed. I just assumed there was a never ending tunnel into the depths of the earth. But alas, Mimi found it! She even helped me price merchandise! I REALLY hope I can do half of what she does at 83! She is amazing. My mom also deserves props. She kept Cambell in Plano for a weekend so that Graham and I could work, and then after much pleading, came to Waco two days later because I needed her. When she wasn't playing with Cambell, she was tying a bajillion bows. I am SO thankful! I even had a precious friend, Lee Ann, offer to come over on a sacred parents' day out day and help me with some backgrounds on canvases. I tried to pay her and she didn't let me! I am so grateful for all of the help family and friends have freely and graciously given, because this could not have happened without them! Ok... The End. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's in a Name?

A lot has been happening in this household. My little LoveStorey Creations has expanded and moved into its new, much bigger home in Spice this week, but I cannot post about that until my parents come and see it tomorrow. I want them to get the full effect... I'm weird like that :)

For now, I wanted to share about this pregnancy because I haven't yet! This picture, the only belly pic I have taken this pregnancy, was taken a week ago today. My sweet little guy (who is practicing karate as we speak) is really showing himself. I am 22 weeks and over halfway there! These days I have been feeling a little more like myself in that I do not feel like puking from the moment I wake up until going to bed at night. That was a real downer, if you can imagine. My sweet hubby has been so amazing and helpful, and I am grateful he is still married to me through all of the hormones :)

We are so excited about little Grayer. We are weirdos when it comes to our chosen baby names, so I thought I would provide a little explanation. Having an uncommon name is very important to us. Growing up with the name Storey, I know a thing or two about having an uncommon name. While there were times as a kid where I resented my name, I have grown to love its uniqueness. I honestly believe my name has distinguished me from others in certain situations where I may have otherwise been one of crowd and as ordinary as I felt. Examples that come to mind include being chosen for certain clubs from elementary school until now, and awards given by the student body in high school. I honestly believe that my name was a large part of that... not because it is a great name, but because it is unique and automatically associated with me. No one ever has to ask, "Which Cher?" (NOT that I am comparing my self to an Cher... just that people know who you are talking about with no last name required). That is the superficial aspect... Now onto, why Grayer Wilkes?

The Wilkes part was obvious enough. My dad was one of five children... and the only boy. By having two daughters, the Wilkes name was over. I wanted to keep it as alive as I could without being the hyphenating types.

But, "why Grayer?", you ask? We wanted something a lot like Graham, without making him a junior. My dad is Carl Gene. His dad is Carl, his mom is Jean... this makes for a confusing time when the three are in the same vicinity. I think it is neat when families pass on the exact name, but we thought we could maybe still honor the name without using it in its exact form. So we went for something with "Gra" at the beginning. Grayson was a natural choice, but we know a lot of them and didn't want to "steal". I have always loved the name Grayer... well, ever since I saw The Nanny Diaries. I do not want to say that is where the name came from, but it is definitely where I heard it first. I have thought about it as a viable option for a boys name for so long now, that I forgot that is where I initially heard it. So there you have it. I know that by naming our kids weird names with weird spellings that we catch flack, but I LOVE the names and do not apologize for them. I hope our choice makes a little more sense now.

We are so excited to meet our little man. I don't quite know what to do with a boy... but I sure am excited to figure it out! All we need are some plaid shorts, a few polos, some baby Sperrys and we will be set ;). Cambell is so sweet about her little brother. I love how she calls him, "Baby Gre-er" She will pull up my shirt, followed by her shirt, then will press her tummy against mine and say, "he is coming to get you". I don't get it, but it sure it cute :) She also sticks her finger in my belly button and says, "he is coming out!"Ah, the mind of a two year old. We look forward to meeting our newest family member! December, here we come... but not too fast, because we haven't even started on the room!