Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Christmas Gift for Cambell...

I have already started working on Cambell's Christmas present for this year... Cambell Grace is getting a sibling for Christmas! That's right! We are pregnant again and due Christmas Day! I am 12 weeks along and everything looks great so far. I had the pleasure of listening to that precious little heartbeat this morning. That sound always makes me cry.

On the pregnancy front, I have been battling nausea and crazy emotions as expected, just like I did with Cambell. I have been craving all things salty, unlike I did with Cambell. There was a week I had stove popped popcorn for lunch every day. This pregnancy is flying by... which I am so grateful for.

I can't believe my baby is going to be a big sister! She loves saying "Cambell is big sister", and asks for her sister shirt by name. While Cambell takes very good care of her babies, I am interested to see how she takes to a live one as a permanent fixture in our home :)

I do have to tell one little story on Cambell... This morning my little terrible two was truly terrible. Thankfully, Lolli came in town so I could go to my appointment and several meetings Cambell-free. But my short moments with Cambell this morning were filled with frustration and fits. At one point, I was holding the little one on my hip on the way out to the car to go to lunch when she began to flail her arms and hit me in the process. I grabbed her arm and had a little come to Jesus meeting, in which she interrupted by yelling across the house, "LOLLI, NEED SOME HELP!" I have to give her credit for knowing who will come to her rescue. I could help but burst out in laughter. I tried to turn my head to the side, but my convulsions were not hidden from Cambell and she started giggling, knowing her genius was not lost on me. Good thinking, Cambell... but you're still in trouble :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cambell's 1st Recital!

This is horrifyingly belated, but could not be glossed over. On May 22, Cambell Grace Cook performed in her first dance recital (and I, Mommy, (hopefully) performed in my last). I knew that we were in for trouble when Cambell "peaked" during dress rehearsal, performing her dance perfectly with no mistakes. Of course it helped having Mommy beside her, holding her hand, and therefore reducing the chance of her running off the front of the stage and crowd surfing. Then there was the whole nap debacle. As in, she didn't take one that afternoon. All of these factors rightfully terrified me, and my foresight was correct. It all started backstage. When we were "on deck", my super squirmy Cambell kept wriggling out of my arms, dramatically throwing herself on the floor. She got really dirty. I got really annoyed. When it was our turn, there was a moment as the curtain was pulled back that I found some cooperation from my terrible two, and thought she may be able to pull off another performance unscathed, but I would be wrong. Her dance was to "Lollipop" by the Chordettes. She didn't feel like bouncing, but that wasn't a big deal. I thought there was a chance we were home free when she did her jumps and kicks in their appropriate places... but then... when we were supposed to step together, jump, step together, jump... she slowly inched her way behind me, escaped Mommy's grip, and at first tested out her freedom by hugging her lollipop, which actually was a part of the dance. Then she tasted true freedom and took off. In the video she goes out of frame. Circle back into frame. Mommy gets regains control... but only for a second. Terrible two throws herself on the floor, turns away from the audience... and there it is. Straightening her legs, head still on the floor, bottom in the air, and face shining through the legs for all the auditorium to see. Regaining a little bit of dignity, she stands up, walks around, instead of galloping in the circle with her fellow teeny ballerinas. After finding and reluctantly rejoining Mommy for the freestyle portion, she finishes perfectly with a bow as if the whole thing were planned. She put the icing on the cake by clapping with the audience as the curtain closed on her first experience with the stage.

And now some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Practicing the finale during Rehearsal (we opted out for the real thing)...
Her bow during rehearsal...
The Boogie Babies...
In the dressing room (or, gym rather)
She loved getting to wear make-up and trying to hang with the big girls. Notice the big red bite above her eye. It was bound to happen... black eye as a flower girl... big bright bug bite for her recital.
She believes she is one of the big girls with all of her heart...
A little warm up at the bar :)
After the performance
We need a prettier "smelling the roses" face
This girl LOVES her Daddy! What a memorable first recital experience :)
I love how much Cambell loves dance. Her experience this year has been a beneficial for memorization, learning to follow directions, learning to jump, etc. We even have a camp lined up to continue this summer. Cambell still does her dance all over the house and requests "the Lollipop song" on the computer almost every time I check my email. She even narrates as she goes along. "Bounce, Ok... Jump! BeBumBumBum... Shake ye head... Ok, kicks... Jump!... HUUUUUG, Jump!... and BOW". I'm so proud of my tiny dancer!