Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Long, Spring!

It feels like Summer... and not just because of the weather. This was the last week of our full Spring "schedule". Today I picked Cambell up from Parents' Day Out for the last time in her Toddler I class. Break my heart. She LOVED that class. We have come a LONG way from this (her first day)...
The teachers were incredibly loving toward her and I appreciate them so much. Before I know it Cambell will be in Kindergarten! I am cherishing these little days with her home with me.

I am going to miss our little Spring schedule. Mondays held playgroup 1 and Ballet in the afternoon. Tuesdays are still low key and usually include dinner at Rosa's for Taco Tuesdays. Wednesdays included playgroup 2 and LifeGroup in the evening. Thursdays were "school". Fridays are still whatever we fancy :)

Thankfully, playgroup remains, but the rest of the activities are on vacation for a while. Our LifeGroup... whom we ADORE, love, and can't get enough of, got together Wednesday night with our little ones and busted out the kiddie pool and sprinklers! Another reason Summertime is on the brain. Cambi's first swimming experience of 2010! There is going to be a lot of that happening this summer, and I am ready :) I bought a watermelon today to get in the spirit! I am sad to see Spring go, but am thankful for the fun that Summer always seems to bring!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Birthday Party and A Trip to the Farm

Cambell Grace's birthday party was held at Jumping Party this year. I wanted to do a big to-do at my house, but we had a lot going on with Daddy turning 30 and leaving for my grandparents' the following morning. Plus, Cambell LOVES this place. She is normally pretty cautious... but totally lets her guard down at Jumping Party! She had a wonderful time, and I hope her friends did, too :)

Sweet, little friends :)
Up they go
A lovely dinner of Chick-fil-a nuggets, goldfish, and grapes. Jealous?
Cambell thoroughly enjoyed being the subject of the birthday song :) I am so upset at myself for forgetting the video camera! As the song progressed, Cambell excitedly looked around the room. At one point, she noticed and pointed to her friend, enthusiastically stating, "IT'S KY-EE", followed by rapid applause at the end of the song. I hope I never forget that moment. It is etched in my brain. So precious.
It took several tries, but Cambell finally blew out the candle :)
After opening presents at home with the fam, the festivities ceased and Cambell got a much needed bath and rest while the grown-ups enjoyed a late night feast, thanks to our in house chef, Mimi :)

The next morning the fun continued. We packed up and headed to my grandparents' to celebrate my wonderful Grammy for Mother's Day. We have a BIG family. My dad has four sisters. Four out of the five children have procreated and now said offspring have started having children, most of them more than once. It makes for fun gatherings :) Most everyone made it for the celebration of Grammy... aka Jean Cleaver (get it, cause she's like June Cleaver, but her name is Jean?!?!? Overly proud of that one :))
Aunt Summer introduced Cambi to the art of fishing! Cambell caught a little perch! How precious :)
Cambell trying to keep up with the big kids...
Playing around the barn... makes for some precious pics...
Cambell especially enjoyed visiting the cows. The moment we pulled onto the property, "Where cows go?" Thankfully, she waited patiently.
Renegade two year old riding in the back of the truck...
We had a special family celebration, honoring my wonderful Grammy in all that she has given of herself for everyone in her life, all of her life. I have been blessed by two, beautiful, selfless Grandmothers, who have played such a large role in shaping me.

After our family invaded First Baptist Grapeland on Sunday, we all got ready to head back... but first grabbed a little sustenance. We caught Cambell red handed surrounded by multiple Pringles' cans...And that is all from our celebrations. We are taking it EASY this week, trying to recover from all of the gallivanting we have been doing. I love our family adventures... but secretly have enjoyed this lazy week at home with my favorite thirty year old and two year old.

Monday, May 10, 2010


How on earth did this happen? Two years of Cambell Grace Cook. I can't imagine my world without this precious little life in it. Two years ago my life changed in the biggest and best way possible and I will love this little girl as long as I live.

May 7, 2008May 7, 2009
May 7, 2010
Our family LOVES birthdays. Cambell slept in on Friday (her actual birthday) and I was giddy for her to wake up. Her big gift this year was her big girl kitchen, with food and accessories.
She LOVES it!
Her favorite part is the Melissa and Doug Cookie set. It is too cute.
Our girly girl is growing up... we moved her changing table out of her room to make room for her ktichen!
My girl is not so little anymore. Overnight she became a little friend who tells me about her day and her friends. She loves fried rice and chicken taco roll-ups. She brings her plate to the sink when she is finished eating and picks up her toys when she is finished playing. She poo poos on the potty when she feels like it and memorizes books. She is independent in so many ways. She is not a baby. I am so proud of who this girl is becoming. I love her so much it hurts. I have a two year old!

More on her party and our weekend to come...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Week 2010

Birthday week is here once again! Graham and Cambell's birthdays are 3 days apart... making for a CRAZY opening to May. Cambell has been sweetly wanting to include Mommy...
C: Daddy's birfday, and Cambell's birfday, and my Mommy's birfday?
Me: No, sweetie. Daddy's birthday and Cambell's birthday.
C: And my Mommy's birfday?
...and on, and on, and on...
I appreciate her concern.

Graham is finally warming up to the idea of 30. We had a wonderful time ringing in the new decade. The first celebration occurred last weekend when 2 of our favorite Baylor families came for a surprise visit for the weekend. The Homeyers came from Marble Falls with Brooks, and the Blundells from Houston with Caris. Graham knew something was going on, but I effectively threw him off just enough to cause confusion. We were finishing our date night at Uncorked, when in walks the Blundells and Homeyers! They had put their little ones to sleep at our house before joining us. It was perfect. After staying up way too late and eating way too many Butterfingers, we discovered we are not as young as we used to be. We pressed through on Saturday, though, and had fun with our little families. We spent a lot of time outside, made an appearance at the zoo, had much needed Ninfa's, said farewell to the Homeyers, instituted group rest time, watched a lot of Arrested Development, played outside some more, and finished off our time with the Blundells at Panera. It was a perfect weekend! The sweet Nader family was going to join the fun, too, but little Lydia got sick :(.
Here is a glimpse into the weekend:
On Graham's actual birthday on Tuesday, we had a dinner at Carino's with family and a few friends.We both feel honored by how our friends have gone out of their way to celebrate Graham.
Cambell was a bit of a rascal, but thankful Jonah was there to keep her under control :)
And now it's Cambell's turn! She is ready, too... Everywhere we go, she sings, "I'm two years old, I'm two years old", informing everyone of her birthday and new age. I can't believe my once little baby is going to be TWO tomorrow! I am handling it better than I did when she turned one, but I'm just not ready to let go of my baby! There is much celebration in store...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thirty Years of GRAHAM!

"Happy Birsday Cake, Datty" has been repeated many times so far on this beautiful Tuesday. Today marks thirty years of Graham Cook. Thirty has been a hard pill for Graham to swallow. I keep telling him it's an honor, that most everyone we love is in their thirties and now he is on par with them. I am actually jealous, because I feel like 30 is associated with maturity. But I've always wanted to be older than I am. ALWAYS. It's weird. Graham says my arms will not be so open three years from now. We'll see :)

We are in full celebration mode, ringing in this new decade for Graham. I love this man so much and can't imagine anyone smarter, sweeter, hard working, or thoughtful person to spend my life with. Cambell can't get enough of him, and talks about Daddy ALL day long. We are two very blessed girls!

Details of our celebrations of Graham to come...