Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pink or Blue???

Today Cambell found out what her new little sibling is going to be...

We'll let let the cake ball do the talking...Pink or Blue???

BLUE :) We can't wait to meet little Grayer Wilkes Cook!
Full story to follow...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stay-Cay '10

***First of all... Thursday is the day we find out the gender of Cook Baby #2... Please place your guess on our poll to the right! Full pregnancy update to come late Thursday, along with gender revelation (if the baby cooperates, of course) :)***What started out as a possible trip to the beach, turned into a possible trip to San Antonio and Sea World, which ended up as a relaxing week at the Casa Wilkes for Staycation 2010! While my parents were off celebrating 35 years of marriage, we three Cooks, along with our dear friends the Liechtys invaded their house for a week of fun. It was the easiest, perfect break from routine for this summer. While we did a lot of hanging out and playing with our girls, we also arranged for some out of the ordinary activities.

The first was a visit to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was amazing and worth the trip. I will say, it was less aquarium, more rainforest... but we loved it nonetheless. My personal favorite animal we saw was the manatee. It swam its big ol' self up to the glass, smooshed its it cute little nose and stayed there for about 5 minutes, blinking at its onlookers. I don't know if he was trying to move forward to no avail, but he was so cute floating there in place.
Cambell and Mary Kate checking out the penguins...
Walking under the sharks, watching them during feeding time was pretty darn cool, too.
Mommy/daughter pic... I had to include it because Cambell's face cracks me up.
After lunch at Cafe Express, naps, burger consumption with our sweet friends the Scurrys, and staying up way too late, we started a new day with new adventures. This day started out with relaxation in the pool, followed by more naps, and then a Frisco Roughriders game, complete with Lemon Chills and Dippin' Dots.
We knew that fixed seats in cement were not an option with our wiggle worms, so we opted for blankets in general admission in the grass. It was perfect for our crew.
The Scurrys came, too! So glad they live in the same town as our Staycation site :)
Cambell loved the freedom the grass had to offer.
It's all fun and games until somebody's bow gets stuck in the chain-link fence!
Sweet Mary Kate had a leaky diaper that rendered her clothes useless, but thankfully her dad ruined a bunch of kids' day in his fight and victory obtaining this shirt for his nakey baby :)
The next day called for a trip to a splash park. This adventure was way more complicated than we intended, but it turned out to be worth the headache in getting there. P.S. Just because most of the Frisco that I know is only 10 minutes from my parents' house, does not not mean that everything in Frisco is so close. Did you know that Frisco is really deep and wide? I know this now.

Except for the part where Cambell scraped her knee (which she is still talking about), the kids had a blast.
These two are such sweet friends.
When we weren't out discovering uncharted territory in Frisco, Texas, or sweating it out at the ballpark, the girls could be found here...
and here...
Between the mini-bounce circle of fun inside and the Liechty's bounce house outside, the girls met a lifetime jumping quota. We did not complain, as this made for successful naps and bedtimes.

On Friday night, my FABULOUS sister and brother-in-law came over so that we adults could get away for a real date night. It was so NEEDED. We met the Scurrys (did I mention it is so great they live in Dallas?!?) at Taco Diner at the Shops at Legacy and walked down the street to see a movie at the Angelika. My love for Taco Diner runs deep. It was wonderful to share it with these friends.
We wrapped up our trip with more jumping, laundry, toddler pedicures, and Letter Factory.
It was so sweet to spend this week with such a precious family. We wanted to capitalize on this summer where we had no infants between the two families. It was so easy, so FUN, and way exceeded all expectations. Hooray for Stay-Cay 2010!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4 Years Ago...

Four years ago today, Graham and I were asked this...

Graham/Storey, do you take this woman/man who now holds your hand to be your true and wedded wife/husband and do you solemnly promise before God and these witnesses to love, cherish, honor, and protect her/him, to forsake all others for her/his sake, and to cleave unto her/him and her/him only, and her/him forever until death shall part you?

We both agreed with an "I do".

We said these things to each other...

I, Graham/Storey, take you Storey/Graham to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband. To have and to hold from this day forward for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till to death do us part and pledge my faithfulness.

... and have tried to honor these promises for four years. Some days we have to try harder at it than others, but we always try. I love my husband and enjoy him even more now than I did 4 years ago. Graham told me the same thing last night (unprompted :)). I think that makes for a pretty good 4 year report card :)

Happy Anniversary to my favorite person in the world.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Month Older and Wiser...

So my Mom keeps getting on to me for not posting... and I totally agree with her that it has been too long because I have missed out on documenting many moments from our little family... BUT I have not felt up to typing/thinking/or anything else requiring much productivity for that matter. My babies like to keep me feeling yucky into the second trimester- but I forgave Cambell, and will most likely forgive this one too :)

We have been busy with summer fun, but I really want to keep track of what Cambell is learning these days more than anything else. I haven't really done this since before she turned two, so most of this is old news. But today she is another month older. Twenty-six months old and wise. For 26 months, I have been in awe of this little girl. I am LOVING this stage, watching Cambell soak in everything in her little world. Getting to have real conversations with my daughter and learning more about who she is brings me SO much joy... except when I continually discover that she is exactly like me, which can be frightening.
Favorites these days...
Book: The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis... SO random that it is the middle of summer and my child refuses to put away this little Halloween book. This book is precious and Cambell gets REALLY into it. She repeats her favorite part, which shows up multiple times throughout the book and gets progressively louder and high pitched, until all of the dogs in Waco are crying for mercy.
Round and Round Across the ground
Making a thumpin' bumpin' sound
Came that thumpety bumpety
thumpin' bumpin' round and roll-y
So entertaining. I am constantly amazed by Cambell's capacity for memorization of books and songs. Her sweet little cartoon character voice sweetly singing is my favorite sound. I try to memorize it in my head because I know she will one day lose the cartoon-y voice and say her l's correctly. I want to freeze her!
Playtime: Dress up, reading, puzzles (especially her alphabet and identifying her letters), her Babushka Doll (my dad brought it to me from Russia a long time ago, and Cambell can spend an hour at a time entertaining herself with that thing- when she randomly yells, "ABUSHKA", I know what she has found). But her FAVORITE thing of all is pretend play with her dolls and kitchen. This makes Momma's heart so happy. Cambell will line up her babies, each with a plate, and then make sure they have plenty of cookies and veggies to eat. Tea for everyone is also a must. She takes such good care of her babies. She is self training for sisterhood. I am also impressed by her willingness and even initiation of cleaning up her toys. It makes me proud :)
Speaking of sisterhood, Cambell loves talking about the baby in Mommy's tummy. She gives it kisses, tries to pull up Mommy's dresses in public, and loves to randomly spout out, "Mommy have a baby in the tummy". Sometimes, when you ask her how old she is, you will receive the response, "I'm a big sister". Lately, we have seen a lot of her friends' new siblings, and she LOVES patting and kissing them. I think she likes the idea, but like I've said before... we'll see how she feels when she realizes this little one is moving in to stay :)Foods: "Ice Ceam", "Ce-eal","Macaroni and Chenese", spaghetti (which she can say perfectly- go figure), "TACOOOOOS" (always stated with great enthusiasm), Spanish rice, "wate-melon", "eggies", green beans, chicken, and sometimes cucumber. EVERYTHING else is hit or miss. It is quite frustrating.Mommy's Favorite Phrases/Moments:
-Her "I love you Mommy/Daddy. Kiss you!" never gets old. Ever.
-"Oh.My.Gosh." in context :)
-When ordering a cherry limeade at Sonic to calm my tummy, Cambell starts yelling out her window, "I NEED A ICE CEAM AND CHICKEN NUGGETS AND WAFFLES. That's all".
-I love it when she starts sentences with, "Mommy, did you know.... or "Mommy, guess what?..."
-Cambell comes up to me with a pack of gum... I ask her where she got it... she responds, "Target". A girl after my own heart.
-When waking Cambell up in the mornings or afternoons, the following can be expected... "Good morning, sugar" "You seep good, Mommy?" "I want ce-eal and waffles" I go see Daddy?"
-When getting ready for a baby shower, Cambell looks over at me and in the prissiest fashion says, "Cute dress, Mommy". I have to say, it made me feel cute all day knowing that my daughter approved of my dress :)
-One night upon putting Cambell to bed, she was fighting me on something and I told her that she if she did not stop, she would get a spanking... she did not stop and Daddy came in the room because he sensed my frustration through the monitor. He walked in and gave her the stern Daddy look and she looked back at him with her sweetest face and said, "I need a spanking". He obliged her request, and without tears, she leaned forward and gave him a big ol' Cambell kiss. It was REALLY hard not to laugh. Weirdo.
-When listing anything, especially events of the day, she will continually pause, followed by, "wha else? ummm....", followed by her response. I love it.
-When she asks for something, Graham or I tend to repeat the request back to her in a rhetorical manner. She always responds with a resounding and enthusiastic, "OK!" as if it were the first time she has been presented with an idea.
-She starts out with "How about...." all the time.
-We have a family game, "Daddy/Mommy runnin/crawlin dis way?" (said in a high pitched squeal) where we run/crawl in the direction Cambell directs all over the house. It is more exciting than it sounds and always ends in big hugs and kisses.
The things that come out of Cambell's mouth are cute because of her little voice and annunciation. Reading this does not do her justice, because that squeaky little voice makes just about anything funny. I love my little mouse-ka-Cambell :)