Friday, March 26, 2010

Where We Have Been...

Where have we three Cooks been? Welllll.... Let's start at the present and move backwards...

1. Aunt Claire is in town! Tia, as we lovingly call her, had a playdate with Cambi at the Mayborn Museum this morning, followed by lunch with our little Cook clan at Rosa's for Taco Tuesday! I could not get Cambell to get cooperate for a picture, but at least she is not showing off half eaten fruit loops in this one!

2. We cheered on the Baylor Bears to the Elite Eight! We did not make to Houston (like the rest of Waco), but we cheered nonetheless. We watched the men's final game at a Crawfish Boil we helped host, but did not cheer them to victory. Sad. We are, however, so excited that the Lady Bears are still in it to win it!
Cambell Grace says, "Si Bears!"3. Last week, Graham went out of town for business, and so did I! Cambell and I spent the week with my family and my precious Daddy spent Thursday with me at a Spring Market for a school in Dallas. This was my little display. I did well and learned A LOT from the experience. I used to be at Canton in someone else's booth, and am currently featured at the Shops at River Square (a.k.a. Spice)(my baby sleeping signs made their commercial :)) in 40 Weeks Maternity Boutique, but this was my first time to fly solo.
4. Cambell has been toted all over Texas and does not leave home without her Baby. Her Bitty Baby might as well be another appendage, but we also have great love for 1 more baby, 2 "dolls", and a bear. They all sleep in a real pile, like in Where the Wild Things Are, the movie.
When at home, Cambell moves all of her babies back and forth from their crib to her chair. They are "seepin, shhhhhh" when in the crib, covered by their "banket", and are read to and fed when in the chair.
Bitty Baby was the chosen one to come to Plano with us. Cambell takes very good care of her. Below, she has her baby all snuggled up with her blanket to be read to. I love sneaking in and listening to her talk to her babies. Here, she was saying "You want me to read you? OK", followed by a description of each page.
5. Rewind three weeks. Cambell and I spent the week with my parents for my sister's last week as an official Wilkes girl! One of my favorite activities of the week included a trip to my high school alma mater, which happens to be my mother's place of employment. I love that she put when Cambell was coming to visit on the board. Some of her students stopped by to meet Cambell and it was really sweet.
We brought Lolli lunch and Cambell got to experience the big girl desk. At the rate her life is moving, she'll actually be in one of those next week :(
We had the sweetest week full of our little Wilkes family. Now there is only one official Wilkes girl left! One of the nights we went to a family favorite, Pei Wei, followed by a new love, Yogurtville.
Cambell was instantly a fan...
Bonding with Aunt Summ...
I love these girls and I will cherish this night for many years to come.
Then the wedding events went into full force, starting with the Bridal Brunch at Chocolate Angel in Richardson. I would HIGHLY recommend it! My precious Mimi hosted and it was a memorable beginning of the wedding weekend extravaganza!
Bridesmaids and House Party
Next on the agenda... rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!
Cambell and her little black eye got a little practice walking down the aisle.
Cambell loved the other flower girl, Sarah... the ONLY reason Cambell made it down the aisle on Saturday...
Because most of the rehearsal was spent like this...
Thankfully, we had a WONDERFUL babysitter lined up and were able to enjoy the rehearsal dinner sans fit throwing toddler.

The couple of the evening...
Me with my man.
Besides being absolutely precious, Ryan's mom is unbelievably creative. Here was our place setting at the dinner at La Duni in North Park. The dinner and following toasts were the perfect celebration of my sweet sister and her new hubby.
And then WEDDING DAY. Summer was a beautiful bride. It was surreal to see my baby sister as THE bride! She even got bridezilla on me for a few seconds! I was so proud! I had the privilege of taking her to get her hair done, which was quality time on her big day.
Second only to the bride in beauty was my Momma. She handled the title of Mother of the Bride with grace...
...until...(Spoiler Alert) after the ceremony when all of the guests had gone their separate ways. The hostess of the evening started eating the cake without utensils right off the stand AND instigated a food fight!
Ok, so that may be a LITTLE exaggerated... but the proof is on her face... just sayin' :)
Ok... back to wedding day. The Wilkes girls. Now we all have different last names :(
Airing out the bride.
Little Cambell playing in the closet in the bride's room... Bitty Baby came, too... sans clothes. I couldn't believe Cambell made it after her performance at the rehearsal, or lack there of, walking down the aisle. But she really did it. I was planning on holding her hand or carrying her down, but as the bridesmaids started moving down the aisle, Cambell and Sarah held hands and moved up in the line with them. They were just holding hands for fun, but it worked out and she made it down holding Sarah's hand! Who cares that they went before the last bridesmaid?THE DUFFIES after their beautiful, meaningful ceremony making them husband and wife! Ryan is already carrying Summer's womanly bag... what a fast learner!
Off to the reception...
The Duffies official introduction at their reception at 333 in Dallas.
Their reception was such a blast. Summer even smashed cake in her hubby's face... you don't see that enough, you know?
As the MOH, I gave a toast... and what is a toast, or anything at the Duffie wedding for that matter, without Cambell? She even joined a portion of the father/daughter dance.
She tore up the dance floor... and even horrified the videographer with the way she was dropping it like its hot :) I honestly have no idea where she picked up these moves.
She looooves Aunt Summer!
And the photo booth! Everyone had their picture taken four times simultaneously in true photo booth fashion. Half of the strip was placed in a book for Summer and Ryan to keep with a note from those in the picture. The other half was a party favor. I would highly recommend this service. We had to go in twice... our first try was disastrous. Being the sister of the bride has its advantages!
The night ended with the bride and groom leaving through a mass of bubbles. Cambell, of course enjoyed this portion of the evening.
Off to Mexico... Now they are back at their little apartment, cooking dinner together each night and enjoying their married life! Listening to Summer talk about how much fun she is having serves as a sweet reminder to how much I looked forward to marriage... the cooking together, watching tv on your own couch, and not having to leave each other at night. I still love it and am so grateful that I get to live with my bestest friend. I know Summey will feel the same way in four years :)
I commend you if you made to the end of this post... Hi, Mom and Dad! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Summer (Not the Season) Showers

Tis the Season for Summer Showers! I cannot believe my baby sister is getting MARRIED! I could not be more happy for this beautiful girl, who has grown into a woman of depth and even more beauty. She deserves the fairy tale of a lifetime and I believe she is living it. I am so proud of who Summer has grown to be. Her selflessness and willingness to give of herself is a beautiful example to me and I appreciate the love she permeates to everyone she knows. I love, love, love her so much and am enjoying watching her be the BRIDE! All of a sudden, she is a mature adult! I still want to see her as the pesky sister knocking down my blocks, begging to play Barbies and school, building tents, and asking about boys. This time of celebrating Summer has been especially sweet because she has always been so gracious when celebrating everyone else. I love my precious Sissssssster!

We have enjoyed the past few months spending our weekends in Plano for showers, including our Valentines' Day! Summer and Ryan's Grapevine shower was beautiful. I enjoyed dragging Graham with me. This was the last shower for Cambell to show herself. As much entertainment as she brings, her desire to explore makes conversation impossible.
I regret not getting more pictures from this shower, but I was busy chasing Cambell all over their house (which was gigantic, complicating matters even more).

The next weekend was a double whammy for showers. This first was given by our dear family the friends, the Michels. Debbie and Emily did a beautiful job hosting this "Around the Clock" shower.
I loved seeing people we grew up with who we no longer see on a regular basis, such as... the lovely Amy Ellis! Amy and I have shared many an embarrassing moment together... and unfortunately, some are documented on tape. Such as... a music video made to "Don't Turn Around" by Ace of Base. Be jealous. Best.Cake.Ever.Cutie girl opening her loot...
And finally (not counting the bachelorette party), the Legacy shower! The ladies of Legacy put together a wonderful party and honored Summer with a White Bible ceremony. It is a Southern tradition and very meaningful. I felt blessed to be a part of it.

The foyer/atrium of our church all dressed up...
Fulfilling my role writing down gifts! That girl's wedding book is or.gan.ized.
The hostesses with the Wilkes girls, the mother of the groom, and my beautiful Mimi
I hope I'm this much fun at age eighty-two :)
Now the bride-to-be is all showered and equip to dry off with fancy towels, cook gourmet meals every night, and sleep on sheets with her initials on them... If only there were showers for people who have been married almost 4 years. I could get into that idea.