Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Friendly Neighborhood Snowmen

We made the most of the snowy goodness today. I was so giddy all afternoon waiting for Cambell to wake up and Daddy to get home so we could enjoy all that snow in Texas has to offer. When Cambell woke up from her nap we made SNOW ICE CREAM! We had read about it on Facebook and various blogs and decided to try it for ourselves.
Just in case you have not heard about it... You take 2 quarts of CLEAN snow, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of milk, 1 tsp of vanilla, and mix it together for yummy, snowy ice cream! Cambell thoroughly enjoyed it!
When Graham got home from work, we all got bundled up and went outside to make a snowman. Cambell brought her book from Aunt Claire as a reference.

My hubby usually is able to master everything he sets out to do... but today I found a weakness... snowmen. In his defense, we had a limited time (like 10 minutes) to work because Cambell did not need to be outside long with strep throat, but our little snowman was kind of sad. After several attempts to make a big, strong, man's man snowman.... we ended up with Murphy. Poor, little 10-minute-made Murphy. We appreciate him even though he is the smallest in the neighborhood and kind of deformed. I know we could have come up with something better with more time (and patience).
Just after finishing Murphy, a couple drove by and asked to take a picture. Cambell posed beside Murphy and even said, "cheeeeese", unprompted. They were actually driving around the neighborhood taking pictures of all the snowmen. Graham had mentioned the idea earlier, and we were relieved that we would not be the only snowman paparazzi in the neighborhood. Here are some of the more impressive favorites. I enjoyed watching some of them in the making out our window this afternoon...

Who knew such a thing could occur in Texas... in February! Here's hoping for more white winters like this one :)

Global Warming at its Finest

It's a good thing we were destined to be pent up today, because Waco is covered in a blanket of SNOW... in February! What the heck?? I went outside and measured 4 inches... and that was two hours ago and the flutters haven't stopped!
Poor little Cambell is adding to our family resume of illnesses for the month of February with a case of strep throat :(. Poor sad, little, coughing munchie. She is breaking my heart. I will say, her spirits have remained high considering her condition. We have snuggled at night in order for her to stay upright. I hate that Cambell is sick, but I can't complain about any part of the job that requires cuddling with Cambi. Thankfully, the doctor said we can return to life as usual tomorrow. Until then, we will enjoy our winter wonderland!
On another note, we had the pleasure of attending Legacy Church yesterday where my dad has served as pastor since I was three years old. I've always been amazed by the wisdom of my daddy, but yesterday I was especially effected by his sermon. If you have a little time, I would HIGHLY recommend this message. I can't believe I get to call this man my dad!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost in Translation

Several important events were lost in the shuffle through the holidays and post-holiday busyness. Since I am on my second stomach bug in a week, I have plenty of couch time and thought I should probably take this opportunity to catch up.

First up... Uncle Marshall's graduation from Baylor University! This makes 9 Baylor degrees between our two immediate families. We are so proud of Marshall and look forward to seeing where life takes this man!
The ceremony was made even more special because Graham's dad, Ron, led the invocation.Ron's position awarded us reserved seating, which came in handy with a squirmy one-and-a-half year old. She entertained those lucky enough to be seated close to us, and even got to see Uncle Markle up close after getting his picture taken with the American flag. She handled the ceremony with as much grace as a toddler can, until the last thirty minutes where we went up and got our wiggles out. Due to previous commitments as a groomsman, Marshall had to leave the ceremony early, leaving us without official pictures with him.
Here is our solution... just imagine he's in the middle :)
And we had a doctoral graduate stand over us and bless our family... orrrr we had no idea of his presence, making for a memorable family photograph.

Next in line... Cambell meets Caris! The Blundells are dear friends we do not see enough because they live in Houston. We have been wanting to get these girls together for since Caris arrived, but this was our first chance... when Caris was 8 months! Truth be told, I got Caris a few outfits to give to her but never sent them thinking I would give them in person soon... and they are size 3-6 months... oops! They are still sitting Cambell's closet.

Here are the girls with their Daddies. Graham is not exactly a giant, but few people make him look short... Garrett is one of those people.
During our dinner at Chuy's, Graham and I put a plug in for Waco as the future Blundell family hometown after Garrett finishes his residency. I know these little girlies would have have fun growing up together!

Cambell meets another little C... her cousin Carmen! Cambell and Carmen are second cousins, born one month apart. Carmen's family lives in DC and we have been with the other side of our family the few times Carmen has come to Dallas. Graham's extended family met the day after Christmas to visit Mama A. We were able to catch up with some of Graham's cousins we rarely see. But the best part was meeting Carmen!
The little cousins with their respective daddies and Mama A.
That evening, we met some of my friends from high school at Chuy's in Dallas. I did not get any pics from the dinner, but below is our family before we left. It was great to see these people I grew up with and hear about the fabulous things they are doing in the fabulous places they live. At moments, I felt a little silly that my life consists of going to various playgroups and painting. But... I love my sweet family and would take the same path if I had the chance to do it all over again.
Another first meeting... Cambell with her second cousins Maddie and Aubrey. Cambell loves Maddie, but this was our first encounter with sweet little Aubrey! The Madls now attend Legacy, so we get to see them when we are in town on Sundays!
Cambell also got to play with her namesake! They love each other... two cute little Cambells :)
Here are a few more highlights from the rest of our mega-stay in Plano...

Family dinner at PF Changs...
A visit to a bounce house place called Boomerangs that has since closed down :(. Cambell had a blast and Aunt Summer is the reason!
I think I have FINALLY wrapped up our Christmas vacation!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine has been giving Mommy and Daddy a run for our money lately. It is hard sometimes not to view her strong desire for independence as a little inconvenient. She is stubborn and knows exactly what she wants. I know that my DNA is much to blame for these endearing qualities, but sometimes it just flat wears me out. BUT, the past two days have given me so much sweetness to hang onto. With the exception of the first clingy 30 minutes of playgroup at Jumping Party, she has been a Mommy's best friend. I just wanted to share and hang on to some of my favorite things about life with Cambell today...

-Cambell understands everything in terms of "turns". Every time she just HAS to do something herself, we have turns. Mommy gets a turn, and then Cambell says, "I turn" or "turns" and gets, well, a turn... as long as Mommy is finished. We have turns for brushing teeth, using the cup for rinsing off in the bath, remote controls, phones, and pretty much anything else. "Turns" have helped the mother/daughter dynamic immensely.

-Today has been a chore day and Cambell has been happy to let Mommy work. I love these days where she just plays and sings to herself, reads books aloud after pulling each one off her shelf. I love listening to her sweet little voice singing and talking. She even helped me put back her books.
-Which brings me to my appreciation of Cambell's love for all things neat and clean. She begs to have her teef brushed multiple times a day, LOVES washing her hands after going potty, blows and wipes her own nose (with a teeny bit of help), and says "baf"(bath) every time I change her clothes. She is very concerned that her nose remain "boooo-ger" free. If there is a speck of lint, a loose thread, or any other kind of speck on her lovey or someone's face or clothing, she insists it must be removed with, "oh, oh, oh, oh" until the problem is resolved. A bib is a must at every meal for Cambell, and sometimes in between meals just for kicks. She knows her lovey stays in the crib, and wants her babies sleeping in their crib covered by a blanket at nighttime. The past week she has had a cough and has reminded me EVERY night to give her "mecine".

I love Cambell Grace Cook, the good, the bad, and the stinky. I cherish these days spent with her... I know they will not be forever...