Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gig Em Aggies!

What an excellent day to be an Aggie :). Today's game was a big one for the Cook family. Every year we wait for this day to tell us whose school reigns supreme for the coming year. I was quite happy to regain the honor today. We have agreed to let Cambell support the home team each year in her clothing. So far, it has worked to both schools' advantage. She has yet to make it to one of the showdowns, but she has always been dressed for the occasion.
This year we so badly wanted to make it to the game because of the tradition as well as a reunion for my pledge class. Our plans for this weekend were rearranged several times and ended up with us staying home with a sick baby. Poor little Cambell Grace has felt awful the past few days. High fever and messy diapers have plagued this household. I sure hope it is over tomorrow because we have big plans this week that require a clean bill of health!

We are happy to have Cambell's Aunt Claire (aka Tia) with us this week for Thanksgiving! We got to see her for a short bit this evening, but Cambell was having a rough time. Hopefully little bit will be back to herself tomorrow. Until then, I will enjoy the cuddles and snuggles of a sick little munchkin.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brought to You by, the Letter "T"

Cambell's favorite letter of the alphabet these days is the letter "T". She incorporates the "t" sound into all of her favorite words. For instance, Cambell loves getting "upt" on the couch with "Da-tee" for him to "readt" her a "bookt". She also loves her special "bagt"...Going to "dance-t"...
And more recently, "Bwookts", also known as Brooks Homeyer.
Brooks came to spend the night with us Friday night along with his parents, Matt and Kelley. Neither paid too much attention to the other the first time they met, but the babies had excellent interaction this visit. Cambell loved Brooks, until Daddy sat him in her chair. She had a bit of difficulty sharing with the precious little man. Graham and I did not mind sharing with Matt and Kelley, though, and we really enjoyed the visit. Man, is their little baby cute. I made me miss my squishy little baby, who has magically transformed into a talking toddler right before my eyes.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I cannot believe Cambell has already/only been with us for a year and a half! The rate at which she is growing and learning is constantly baffling to me. I am so proud of her (in case you couldn't tell). In fact, to ring in 18 months, Cambell POOPED ON THE BIG POTTY! I know that talking about poop in public does not show present great etiquette, but I am just so proud! We are not hard core potty training yet, but I knew she needed to "poo poo" because she told me, so we sat her on the big potty and within a minute, she went! I wanted to take a picture, but lucky for you all, I refrained. After all of the excitement, Graham stated, "I never knew I could ever be so excited over excrement". So... enough about bodily functions...

I have loved watching Cambell's personality develop her whole little life. It has especially shown itself in recent months. We will begin with her Type A tendencies... Cambell loves things being in their place and without blemish. If there is a little piece of fuzz on her lovey that she sleeps with, she will point to it with a frantic look on her face until I pick it off. If there is a speck of anything on the floor, she will pick it up and bring it to me to throw away. I love it. She also HAS to have her cup in the cup holder on her tray. The below picture displays a moment when she finished her yogurt, put it in her cup holder, and rather than using the vacant cup holder, placed her cup in her yogurt cup in her favorite cup holder. (How many times can I say cup holder?)A few of her favorite things this month...
  • Talking. My favorite new one as of late is "Coooool". But Cambell never stops talking. Her English vocabulary is growing daily, but she is also hanging on to her Cambellese. The best is when she begins to monologue and every fifth word is an English word I happen to know.
  • Her baby dolls. She loves to feed them, wrap them in blankets, kiss them, and push them in their stroller.
  • Singing and doing the motions to "The Wheels on the Bus". She calls it "Round and Round".
  • ELMO and all of the Sesame Street gang.

  • She is still obsessed with bows. One of the few cold nights we have had this fall, we took her to the grocery store in this warm, velour top with a hood. Just being silly, I pulled up the hood, but Cambell loved it and would not let me put it down. Not only did she have to have her hood up, but she wanted a bow to wear with it. Excellent. She was a hit at HEB.

  • A final love that I will discuss is that of mirrors. Cambell can be entertained by the "baby" in the mirror for LOOOONG periods of time.I can't believe Cambell is one and a half! I realized today that in 18 months from now she will THREE and a real big kid! For now, I am savoring every second in toddlerland.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Cambell Grace enjoyed a successful second Halloween. She absolutely LOVED her costume. I put my little piglet in front of a mirror before we left and with eyes widened with excitement and mouth open in awe, she began to "oink". It was precious. The head part of the costume lasted all of ten minutes, so we got some comments about our cute poodle and pink lamb. I just pointed them to the squiggly tail on the back and all was understood.

We spent the evening with our wonderful LifeGroup at Trunk-or-Treat at Harris Creek. Different families and groups of families hosted spaces in the parking lot with their cars to provide candy and fun to the little trick-or-treaters. Our group decided to take up six spots and incorporate a camping theme, the original brain child of my hubs. We had a fire pit with smores, two tents to play in, one of which was filled with hay and hidden candy to hunt.

Graham also built this fishing game. I am excited because it will be great to have for future birthday parties and puppet shows :).
I am not exaggerating when I say I believe this may be the most fun Cambell has ever had in her little life. She was (appropriately) squealing (she was a pig after all) and running around like crazy. Overstimulation at its finest. She looked at the other kids in awe of all of the costumes, believing herself to be as big as the rest of them. Her GranSara and Grandado ("Dadoooo") came at the beginning and helped us chase around our little wild thing. We were glad they were able to join us for a little while. If Cambell was not running around like a pig with her head cut off, she was standing at the candy bucket for our booth. She was completely enamoured by the candy. No consumption occurred, but she studied the candy like it was her job. She would find "likes" and hold them up, only to shake them (if in a box) and put them right back so she could find another pair of like candies. So cute. This went on for atleast 20 minutes. I don't blame her for being drawn to all the pretty colors represented in that bucket.
Cambell had a great time with her sweet church friends. Here is her buddy, Betsy Grace, whom Cambell refers to as "Betzeeee". Check them out last year.
And then, sweet Ainsley. We had celebrated her birthday that morning. They were gently butting heads over and over. Head butting is Cambell's greatest sign of affection (unless she is mad, in which she does it really hard to Mommy or Daddy, and then is appropriately disciplined). These were the sweet kind, and the girls were just so precious. We actually saw Ainsley at the grocery store this morning and the girls wanted the carts close enough so they could continue their new ritual!
Speaking of the James family (minus Jonah, but who was also Star Wars themed)... They were by far the best dressed of the evening. I had to share.
And our little family with our little Miss Piggy. Pigs have always held a special place in my heart... I just couldn't resist.