Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Unexpected Roadtrip and Our Musical Prodigy!

Graham had a business trip this week I had completely forgotten about until the evening before he left. Since life at this point is pretty flexible for Cambell and I, we decided to just head to Plano on Wednesday afternoon. I am SO glad we went! Along with the insanely gorgeous weather, we shared some sweet moments as a family making the evening absolutely perfect. After our arrival and my Corner Bakery fix, we went to the playground at my old elementary school. Talk about nostalgia. We played on the swings and let Cambell walk all over the place. She is incredibly close to walking on her own. On her way to freedom, she walks beside me holding on to one hand.

Upon leaving the park, we went back to Lolli and Pop's to assemble Cambell's new push toy to keep at Lolli's house. Clearly, Cambell was a big help in the process.
Outside, we let Cambell push her toy back and forth in front of the house. The girl went FAST! A little ouchie can be seen on her knee from getting a little ahead of herself. She pushed through the pain like a champ and kept on going.
Last night was simply wonderful. Although I was missing my hubby, I loved getting to be with my family mid-week. Cambell was in the BEST mood. At dinner she entertained us with her coy looks. Pop would repeatedly raise his eyebrows at Cambell, only to invoke a slight head turn with cut eyes and a sheepish smile. It was hilarious. Cambell is a crowd pleaser already.

After a good nights sleep, a little breakfast, and some wiggles, Cambell and I hit the road this morning in time for her first nap. When we hit Hillsboro, Mommy got an urge for some cheap shopping. We did a little damage at the outlets and ate lunch at Black Eyed Pea together. There was something so sweet about eating out with Cambell by myself. Everyone stopped to talk to us and Cambell was introduced to banana pudding! Good day. It sure is nice to be reunited with Daddy!

I have been meaning to post about Cambell's musical abilities for a while now. Our MusikGarten classes are every Tuesday at Baylor. Sadly, Tuesday will be our last week of class for the Spring. I will do this program again in a heartbeat. Cambell loves all of the songs, but ESPECIALLY the instruments. While the title of the post is a little misleading, Cambell does seem to have a little rhythm for a one year old. Here are some pictures from class on Tuesday and a video at the bottom from the previous week.

Here is our girl in action!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brief Hiatus

I apologize for the brief blogging hiatus. My mother has been getting on to me. Tomorrow should hold some time specifically for catching up. I have been painting up a storm, and wanted to share something... I started a little Shutterfly website with pictures of some of my canvases. It will certainly suffice until we get a real website up and running. I am loving developing and growing this little business! Thanks for your support!

I of course could not leave you (well, the grandparents) without some recent Cambellina pics... Hopefully this will serve as a mini update of what we have been up to the past week.

A little date with Carter at the Mayborn Museum... We gave in and bought an annual pass. I have been wanting one for a while, but this was perfect timing because Cambell is now able to fully experience what this amazing museum has to offer. This museum is wonderful! Oh, the perks of living in a college town. Cambell LOVED riding in the car and was reluctant to leave it behind.

A very typical sequence for Cambi:
Pushing my stroller down the hall (I usually take my baby for a ride, but I threw her down before Mommy took my picture)...
Stopping to look and make sure Mommy knows I am heading to my room...
Bear Crawl with my booty in the air...
Peek-A-Boo! Just making sure you can see that I made it!

Fun at the Slippery Minnow at the Lake Waco Marina last weekend to celebrate sweet Deanna's birthday! Cambell enjoying cruising on the bench...
She also enjoyed conversing with her friends. They all look so BIG!

We got to catch up with sweet Sara "Mahu" Parr at Common Grounds! Oh, how I miss her! (Cambell is a little sleepy here. We came straight from the Marina.) Cambell was semi-cooperative for this visit.

Same day... Still going... We took Sawyer, our once little man to dinner with us. Look at these two pumpkins! I love them!
This was all after a precious baby shower for the wonderful Meg Watwood, celebrating the upcoming birth of her TWIN BOYS! I have known Meg for a long time. Once serving as a youth intern at my church while I was in high school for a summer, she is now is a peer at Harris Creek (although I will always look up to her).

I also failed to mention (due to a lack of photo documentation) our chance to catch up with the Bowdens Friday night! We miss playing games with them!

Ok, well, that turned into a full fledged post! There is still more to come tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Extended Weekend

This weekend was perfect. Saturday morning began with breakfast at Harold Waite's Pancake House with Graham's family. Cambell was not exactly thrilled. For the first time EVER, she would NOT sit in her high chair. She arched her back and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs. Ok, so the weekend was not exactly perfect... but it was close. After a relaxing time with the Wilkes at our house (Cambell had settled down by this time), we headed up to Plano for a little getaway. Cambell stayed with her Lolli and Pop, receiving a record amount of attention.

Graham and I went only a short distance, but it felt like a true vacation. We headed over to the Marriott at the Shops at Legacy. We walked to dinner, enjoyed the beautiful weather and actual nightlife. Mention of the likeness to our Californian honeymoon was brought up on more than one occasion. We walked around the gorgeous pond and met a little friend. As I was eating my ice cream, a chocolate lab sat right in front of me, refusing to budge until I shared with her. Graham and I laughed with the dog owner as she simply would not move. Apparently, she had just finished two other cups before her visit to us! Since I was almost finished and feeling generous, I let the dog finish off my cup. The dog moved on to Graham. She finished off his cup as well. Satisfied, the dog moved on! Two regrets of the evening... we did not document any of the evening in pictures, and the movie service in the hotel was unavailable due to a lightning strike! The next morning we SLEPT IN, which was beautiful! We walked to our favorite breakfast place, Main Street Bistro and Bakery. The venue where Graham took my dad to ask permission to marry me, where we went the morning after our engagement, as well as on our way home from our honeymoon. Every time we have the opportunity to go there is sentimental. After some time spent at Legacy Books (AMAZING Independent Bookstore) and a movie at the Angelika theater (Sunshine Cleaning-- dark, but very real and well done) we were back to our little baby! It was wonderful to see our little munch, as she is so lovingly referred to in our household.

We finished the day by heading back to Waco for dinner at Don Carlos with Graham's family to celebrate Graham's belated birthday as well as soak up as much time with Aunt Claire while she is in town. Cambell handled this meal out much better than the previous day's breakfast.

Monday was the finale of celebration month. Graham worked in the morning as usual, but took off the afternoon for fun with Cook siblings and the wife and kid. First on the agenda was lunch at Chili's followed by a trip to the Cameron Park Zoo! We were given a membership to the zoo by my Grammy and Poppy for Cambell's birthday. Eager to use our new membership, we headed on over with Claire and Marshall to show Cambell some animals. It is actually a really great zoo. This was Cambell's first visit since she has been old enough to actually enjoy the sights. Cambell especially enjoyed the fish. She was also quite fond of being passed around!

Cambell with her Uncle Marshy looking at some birds...

Experiencing the slide with Aunt Claire...

Family Pic with giraffes in the background...

Having a little snuggle with Daddy...

You know... Elephants...
After bidding farewell to Aunt Claire and taking a much needed nap (for Cambell, of course), we finished the evening in my favorite manner... dinner out with friends. We celebrated our friend Will Doyle's birthday at Logan's Roadhouse. We have mentioned the Doyle's many times on this blog because of their closeness with Cambell and their loyal friendship. We love them! We got to be in on the surprise for Will by bringing the balloons and cake. The surprise was almost ruined as we pulled into the parking lot with Will and Erin in the car behind us. Graham turned as quickly as possible to throw Will off, but I trusted Erin had a plan... and she did! It all worked out and the surprise was safe!
I feel compelled to point out that WILL picked out the outfit Cambell is wearing. The Doyles gave this precious ensemble to Cambell for her birthday, but WILL picked it out :) He made sure to pick one with a headband!
Happy Birthday to Will and Farewell Celebration Month! It was wonderful...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Graduate

Graham graduated with his Masters from Truett Seminary on Friday. I am so proud of my talented husband for persevering through to the end after 4 1/2 years while working full time as an engineer, being a hubby and daddy, as well as fixing up our house. Even through the difficulties, Graham excelled as he always does! Friday was a special day for our little family. The morning was a typical Friday for Graham filled with work and breakfast burritos. He left after a half day to fully immerse himself in the graduation festivities. My sister had come in town the night before, allowing me to join Graham at his graduation luncheon without a baby attached to my hip. Besides getting to sit with our precious friends, the Cox's, the luncheon served as a sweet reminder of all the reasons we love Truett. I am so glad Graham had the opportunity to receive a degree from this school. Thankfully, Graham's dad works at Truett, giving us a remaining tie even as Graham will no longer be in class.

After a relaxing afternoon spent with the Wilkes side of our clan, we headed off to the ceremony. I was grateful to Graham's mom and sister for getting there insanely early for the perfect seats. Even with the perfect seat, a professor managed to stand in front of me the MOMENT Graham walked across the stage! I missed it! He was inviting the next row of graduates to stand. I was able to lean around for a quick, fuzzy picture of Dean Garland handing Graham his diploma. Such disappointment! Thankfully, my dad captured the moment on video. To forewarn you, I was having great difficulty with our camera at the ceremony. This is the best I have...

Walking in the Chapel...

Before being seated...

About to walk on stage, JUST before the mean man blocked my view...

The quick, fuzzy grand moment...

After moving his tassel to the other side!

Another fuzzy one...

Graham was beyond happy to have his daughter at graduation... He has been looking forward to having his baby at his graduation since we found out we were pregnant with her! Cambell was enthralled with Daddy's robe and tassel! Summer did a wonderful job of taking care of her during the ceremony in the overflow room. Many cheerios were consumed...

During the ceremony, Graham's dad hooded all of his Doctor of Ministry candidates. What a wonderful day for father and son to share!

Graham was so blessed to have both of his siblings at the ceremony. Claire traveled from Columbia, Missouri for the event and celebration! We were truly grateful for her effort.

Here is my favorite family pic for the evening :) Our wonderfully cooperative daughter...

And, the Wilkes part of our Cook clan! We were so grateful to share this day with all of our family.

James and Mary Helen Cox are in our LifeGroup at Harris Creek. Graduating alongside James was bittersweet... it means the Cox's are closer to leaving Texas to move back to Arkansas! They will be missed TERRIBLY! Mary Helen and Cambell LOVE each other! Mary Helen is one of Cambell's favorite babysitters.
The rest of the evening included Chinese food at our house with the whole family and a time to verbally affirm Graham for all of his accomplishments. Each family member had unique perspective. It was a moment of growth for our joining families as we celebrated my favorite member :). It was a wonderful day of celebration for Graham! The celebration continued through Monday, so stay tuned!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ode to Aunt Summer

Aunt Summer is coming to see us today
Mommy and Cambell are shouting, "Hooray!"

Yesterday Summer turned twenty-three
We look forward to celebrating her birthday with glee!

Oh my, my, how we love Aunt Summer
Living two hours away is surely a bummer.

We look forward to some quality time
while you look forward to the end of this rhyme!

We love you Aunt Summer! Happy 23rd Birthday! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Graham's First Week "Off"

Graham completed his last final for his last class at Truett Seminary last Friday! Today he found out his seminary career ended with a bang! Graham earned an A for his final class! I won't give away his final grade point... but I will tell you if he were an undergrad it would be considered Magna Cum Laude. Way to finish strong, hubby! I cannot believe how well the man has juggled fathering and husbanding, work, school, and fixing up a house. He amazes me. Graduation is on Friday and there is much celebration to come... a common theme for the month of May. I will leave Graham to reminisce for you later, but I must say I will miss being a part of the Truett community. There was a time I had the opportunity to be deeply involved with the Truett Wives. The relationships made in that time greatly enriched my life. I have loved learning with Graham and am amazed by his growth in wisdom during his time at Truett. Graham has been at Baylor since 1999, with the exception of one semester (in which he lived in Plano with a really cool family, only to meet his future wife!) While at times it has seemed drawn out, I am sad to see the seminary days end. Baylor has been good to Graham and we are thankful for all of the knowledge gained from 10 years at such a wonderful school.

It has been such a treat to have Graham around in the evenings this week. Tuesday nights are normally reserved for great deals of studying, but last night we reconnected with some friends we had not seen in a long time over dinner, came home to swing with the baby, and watched Office reruns after putting Cambi to bed. Graham has had the pleasure of handling bed time the past two nights and has served as a tremendous help.

This post could not be complete without a little tidbit about our girl! Cambell is handling her title as a one year old with grace! The fussiness accompanying shots has passed, thank goodness! We have had a low key week, but have made sure our social calendar remained full! I felt compelled to show one of the baby's new favorite Cambellisms... cuddling the dolls on her chair! Cambell lays her head down on her sweet dolls when she is over by her chair. Snuggling is becoming one of her sweetest assets. The quality has certainly grown with time. She did not start out as the cuddle bug we know her as today. I love my big girl... and am getting better about embracing the whole "getting older" thing, seeing as it is inevitable!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cambell's Birthday Fun...

Cambell's birthday celebrations were wonderful! I am going through celebration withdrawal after last week and the weekend! The Cook clan is pretty worn out. On top of our exhaustion, Cambell took a visit to the doctor's office for her 12 month appointment. She did not show off her sweetest side. Even before the shots, Cambell was making it hard for Dr. Nesmith to examine her. Her unwillingness to cooperate was a little embarrassing. We found out Cambell is still up in the 75th percentile for height and weight. She is 22.4 pounds, measuring 30 inches. We love our little chub-a-lub!

Thursday was Cambell's actual birthday. She started the day out with her friends at the park. There is no better way to spend a birthday than with friends! She was not exactly in the best of moods, though. Unless she was right by Mommy eating her Cheerios, she was a basket case. Please note the picture below. Her friend Blaire (to the left), had been happy until Cambell melted down. I love that Harper (far left) and Carter (far right) are completely oblivious to the hysterical babies they are sandwiching.
After the park, Cambell went home for lunch with Daddy and the opening of presents. We gave her the Little People Busy Day home, among other things. She loves her new doll house! We ate dinner at Chili's and switched her car seat to forward facing. Cambell LOVES the new view! The day was completed after some more playing and swinging with Mommy and Daddy!

Cambell's birthday party was such a blast! I would like to think she greatly enjoyed being surrounded by family and her littlest friends. All of the little ones decorated a flower pot and planted a flower. They seemed to enjoy it.
Cambell in her sweet little party dress...
Here are some of our precious friends...
Cambell was a little clingy at the beginning of the party, but was happy after being introduced to her new friend, CAKE!
She tore into that cake and took it down! I was so proud :)

I don't know if you can see the cake in Cambell's hair. She sat and ate for about 45 minutes. I could not believe she finished it! After finishing, we gave her a much needed bath while she was on an intense sugar high.
After the bath and departure of the guests, the extended family watched Cambell tear into her gifts. She made out well! Cambell loved all of her gifts, but for some reason, the girl seems to have a strange love of cups! She was given a lunch set and would not let go of the cup! She opened other presents, all while tightly gripping the cup in her hand.
Cambell then opened a precious gift containing a baby doll. The doll came with a play bottle and sippy cup intended for the doll.Cambell moved on from the aforementioned cup, only to cling tightly to the doll bottle and sippy cup! She still holds them every chance she gets! The doll is also quite popular. Cambell was all tuckered out after opening her presents. She shared some quality time with her Uncle Marshall (notice the bottle in hand). So sweet.
I can't believe the birthday celebrations are over! We loved celebrating our sweet baby Cambell!