Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Sweet Shout Out...

Our precious friends from Harris Creek, the Doyles, gave a pretty special shout out to Cambell on their blog. It means so much to Graham and I when someone LOVES Cambell and sees in her what we see. We are so grateful to have the Doyles in our life!

We are loving every minute of this spring weather! We even whipped out the spring pajamas last night! I think she is going to share her mother's nutty obsession with pigs :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A not so wonderful first for Cambell...

While most first events in a baby's first year bring excitement and go straight in the baby book, this event is not a first one would hope for in a child's life at any time. Cambi was in her first wreck on Friday night. She was 100% unharmed, but the experience was terrifying, nonetheless. My parents were in town and we had just finished stuffing our faces at Rosa's. Lolli and I were headed home to play with Cambell, while Graham and Pop went off to find dessert. As I yielded to get on Highway 84,  I was rear-ended and the first car in a 3 car collision. As far as wrecks go, we were so blessed to have gotten away with such a small amount of damage. The other two cars were totaled, while we were able to drive away from the scene. My mom and I did not even experience whiplash. At the point of impact, Lolli and I screamed while Cambell remained silent. As we pulled off to the shoulder, Cambell realized something unpleasant and out the oridinary had just occurred and let out a loud yet brief fuss. I went into complete panic before realizing our damages were only minor. I could not think straight. Thankfully, Graham and my dad were able to come to the site within minutes. Lolli sat in the backseat next to Cambell, keeping her entertained and happy. My sweet husband and daddy stood with me outside in the COLD as we took care of business. We were on the shoulder of 84 for a LONG time. Eventually, my parents took Cambell home to play. Graham and I soon joined and the boys still went out to fetch dessert. I am so grateful that no one was hurt but am not looking forward to dealing with the insurance mess. Moments like these remind me of the frailty of life and keep me thankful for every moment I have with my sweet family. For EVERY moment, I am thankful!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

9 Months (like 12 days ago)...

For no other reason than that I tend to procrastinate, Cambell had her picture taken professionally for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Julie Burleson of Lasting Impressions in Waco did a FABULOUS job. Her family has been special to my family long before my existence. You can view the proofs here. The password is lollipop.
I also realized that I have not yet given an official 9 month update! Our little chunker is still in the 90th percentile for weight, weighing in at 21 1/2 lbs. She is in the 75th percentile for height, measuring 28 1/2 inches. She still pulls up on anything she can get a grip on, and is actually taking some big girl crawls! It is funny to us that she began cruising furniture before officially crawling. She has been able to crawl for quite some time, but has been too lazy to fully give in due to the fact that she could sufficiently get around with her inch worm maneuvers. There are still only two bottom teeth, but it is quite evident that more are on the way. I am more than ready for these next ones to bust through so my sweet girl will be rid of her fever and pain.

Cambell loves to talk. She has a precious little language of her own. One specific is that she squeals all versions of dada, dahdah, duhduh when she is happy, and whines with nananana. The "t" sound has recently been mastered and our girl babbles non stop with all kinds of sounds. We started MusikGarten at Baylor this month, adding extra joy to our weekly routine. Cambell is really into her music class and especially loves the shakers. We signed up with friends, making this time especially enjoyable. It is cliche to mention that I cannot believe how quickly time is flying... but it is going SO fast! Before I know it she will be walking and talking in full sentences! But let's not get too ahead of ourselves...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Dropouts

I have not been a very good Valentine this year. The mini-holiday completely snuck up on me! Normally I have elaborate Valentines made and gifts prepared, but not this year! Graham and I agreed to make this Valentine's Day a work weekend. We are painting up a storm! Later in the afternoon, we will put our brushes aside, Graham will pick up Pei Wei, and we will get a little more in the spirit of the day. I don't know why we are such Valentines losers this year. I have been obsessive about every other "first" for Cambell--except Valentine's Day. Hopefully she will forgive me :) Thankfully, Graham's mom dropped off some left over cupcakes and candy from her class which helped bring in a little more Valentine excitement. I at least put Cambell in her I love kisses shirt and heart pants! (note: the picture is from November)

Four years ago, Valentine's Day for Graham and I was all about impressing the other with a thoughtful gift. He wrote the story of our relationship into a little book complete with pictures. It was precious. Our most memorable Valentine's Day was three years ago when Graham surprised me in Plano by taking me ring shopping! We ended up purchasing my engagement ring that day. He proposed several weeks later. That is my most precious Valentines memory of all. The past two years, Graham has taken the occasion to whip out his culinary skills and impress his wife with a gourmet meal. And now, here we are with a baby... Valentines Day Scrooges. This is not for a lack of love-- just a lack of energy to put forth for the holiday. I'll do better next year! 

I hope everyone has a sweet Valentine's Day... no matter how much effort you put into your day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truth Tag... Among Other Things...

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL and we have been taking full advantage. Our little pumpkin is almost fully recovered, except for a little fever that continues to haunt us. Last night before bed time, the fever was getting the best of her. I put her to sleep early and she slept until 10am this morning! I figured she needed it and just let her sleep away.

I am about to respond to my tag from Kori, but I just had to include this picture of Cambell with her sweet Daddy. Cambell LOVES Daddy. I can't imagine a better Daddy for my baby. He loves her so much and is not afraid to change poopy diapers or do any other not so glamorous job that comes with parenting. I have to say, we are a pretty good team!I also wanted to thank Graham's parents for an amazing gift. On Saturday, they presented Graham with a quilt representing t-shirts from high school through his days at Baylor. It is extremely meaningful and we (myself included) will always treasure this precious gift.

Now, on to the tag...I am to list 10 HONEST things about myself (I am going to be a rebel and skip the tagging others part by tagging anyone who wants to participate :)).
In no particular order:
1. I have seen every episode of Gilmore Girls atleast 5 times, but probably more. I wish this were an exaggeration... but it's not. I love this show. It makes me want to own an inn and live in the Northeast. The reason I have seen every episode so many times is thanks to ABC Family, the fact that we own all seven seasons, and that I always watch it while I paint... which leads me to truth number 2...

2. I have started my own little business, LoveStorey Creations. I paint canvases. It started out as Bible verses for a friend to put in her booth at Spice, and has evolved into mostly special orders for people I know and those I do not know who have seen my work. I LOVE IT. Creating and painting is extremely theraputic for me and it is a bonus that I get paid for doing it! It is also an excellent excuse to watch Gilmore Girls. :) Here are the canvases I made for Cambell's room:
3. I love being a mommy more than I thought I would. This seems odd, but true. I was excited about becoming a mother, but mostly because there were no exciting career prospects on the horizon and it seemed like the logical step for moving forward with my life (I am being honest). As the pregnancy progressed, I fell more and more IN LOVE with the baby growing inside of me. When she entered the world, it was all over. Getting to take care of this precious child and spend my days with her is the greatest joy. Watching her develop and learn about surroundings fascinates me. I love this baby. Graham and I have no idea what we did before her. She is such a gift.

4. I live in constant, crippling fear of germs and bugs. Crippling. I am a mess at the grocery store. Even with Cambell's floppy seat (the greatest baby invention), Cambell still finds ways to almost put her mommy in cardiac arrest every time we go by finding some way to put her mouth on the cart. On our trip today, I sanitized my hands atleast ten times throughout the trip. I know it is not healthy, nor is it edifying to live like this. I am truly trying to work through my fear. Now onto bugs. I can't kill them. The noise and the possibility that a million baby spiders could spew out (this has happened to me before) paralyzes me. This leads me to honesty number 5...

5. I cannot check the mail at our house. Bear in mind we live in an older home. The brick mail box has probably not been changed since 1959. I have seen a roach on several occasions trampling about ON our mail. How rude. But the real reason is that on TWO occasions, a lizard was flicked on me as I opened the mailbox. That was enough for me. Graham is our official mail-getter.

6. My husband lived in my bedroom BEFORE we were married. Not quite as scandalous as it sounds. Graham lived with my parents while doing an internship with Buckner. Our dads knew each other and my parents had an empty nest. I was a senior at A&M and Graham had just finished Baylor. Graham lived in my bedroom, which had not been updated since high school, except for some pictures from my cheerleading days added by my mother. These are not the kinds of pictures you put of yourself in your own room. I was worried he thought I was the most vain girl ever. Turns out, he did not :). He lived in that room for 6 weeks before me met. Our meeting is a whole other embarrassing story in and of itself that I'm sure will make the blog at some point. Graham is better at telling it anyway.

7. I have a knack for burning things. The smoke alarm and I are well acquainted. The sound doesn't even bother Cambell anymore. I don't know what it is. I would like to blame our oven and stove. The other day I made a soup that did not stick to the bottom of the pot and it felt like the greatest victory of my life. I don't know what it is. I am certainly getting better, but I do not think I will be honored for my culinary skills anytime soon. I have a hubby that always asks for seconds and makes sure I feel like the best cook in the world... although we both know he is a way better cook than me! (See this post from Thanksgiving for more on my burning skills)

8. I laid 3/4 of the floor in my living room! Graham and I have been giving our 50 year old house a face lift since we moved in almost two years ago. Our house is still a work in progress, but I love it. We are doing it ourselves, and I have to say that Graham has such a talent in this department (well, in EVERY department). But my shining moment was my major role in laying our floors while Graham would make the cuts. With Cambell now in the world, I have not been able to play as large of a role in the updates. In fact, the surprise of her existence led us to sloooooow our progress. I have to say, she is MORE than worth it. But still, I love our old, unfinished home! We will eventually share before and after pics...

9. My motto... When in doubt, take a pregnancy test! I always have them in stock! Rather than explaining again, I will send you to this previous post. The beginning of the post explains it all.

And last but not least...
10. I hate buttons. By admitting and explaining this quirk, I may lose friends and all respect, but I must share this most honest truth about myself. I have never been one to wear shirts with buttons on them. When I button up a shirt, I gag. I'm not kidding. It's sick and weird, but true. Even talking about buttoning shirts is making me gag a little. Apparently, I have felt this way since I was two years old. BUT... this Christmas I found several shirts from Ann Taylor Loft with buttons on them that I happened to love. I came up with a criteria for shirts with buttons that I deem tolerable. The buttons have to be atleast one inch wide (this is why pea coats have never bothered me). There can be at most 5 levels of buttons on the shirt. That is all. I hope you will still talk to me. I also hope that you will understand that buttons on other people do not bother me at all (except on Cambell... the same button rules apply to her clothes). I am a freak.
Graham made me this button shirt for me before we officially started dating:
Now you tell me ten honest things :)