Monday, December 28, 2009

Talk to the Moose

We are still enjoying all a break from routine has to offer :) I don't have time to do a full fledged Christmas post at the moment, but I wanted to share one of Cambell's favorite things lately. We have watched this video countless times over the past few weeks. It is the GapKids commercial and it is PRECIOUS. After seeing the commercial on TV, I looked it up on YouTube. Cambell happened to walk over at the moment and said, "again" the second it was over. We watched it again. And again. And again. She refers to it as, "Mooooose". At Lolli and Pop's house, she has been watching "moose" on the 21.5 inch computer screen and has discovered that she can restart the the video by pressing the space bar. She makes her request for "moose" every time she walks in the study. It is so precious. I LOVE Gap. I LOVE little girls. Here you go...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All, and To All a Good Night

My previous marathon post highlighted all of our Christmas excitement. While all of the hustle and bustle was exciting, I must admit that it is not the biggest part of Christmas for our family. Cambell is not to an age where she really "gets" Christmas yet, but I hope that she leaves this season with the beginnings of an understanding of who Jesus is and what a huge deal it is that He came into the world as a little baby. Every night of December, we read a miniature book from THIS Advent Calendar. It was a gift from a family from my parents' church so precious to us. Cambell LOVED pulling the books out each night and re-reading them throughout the following days. We had a Christmas hymn of the week which we sang each night, followed by the reading of an old, sweet Christmas book that has precious illustrations of characters that look kind of like babies. It is the only book she has wanted to read for the past month. She carries it around everywhere. It was already loved on to begin with because I bought it used for 50 cents, and now it looks really loved. Cambell loves to point out Baby Jesus, Mary, the star, the angels, and the SHEEP. She LOVES the sheep. She also loved playing with these characters in her Little People Nativity Scene that has been a presence on our coffee table since Thanksgiving. There is no sweeter sound than the word, "Jesus" from a little girl's mouth. Tonight our family gathered for the last night of advent after the opening of many presents. Cambell was so excited to pull out the last book. It is the biggest book and she has been after it since day one. Pop did the honors of reading the final book to Cambell.
At one point, she got a little distracted...
We then sang "Silent Night" as a family.
We followed up with Cambell's "Baby" Christmas book and called it a night.
I love my precious family, and am so blessed to spend this WHITE Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior with them.

I'm Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas (Eve)

Our Cook family has been enjoying this season to the fullest! I really believe having a little one has made this season even more magical. It all started the day after Thanksgiving when we went on a Tree Hunt. We started at Home Depot and our attempts were futile. The next day we tried again...
We finally landed on one at Lowes (after much disagreement... Graham won). I wanted a taller tree, but Graham was just ready to be finished. After an extended silence, Graham said, "I'm sorry if I was hurtful". I responded, "I'm sorry I hate the tree". Cue laughter... argument over.
The final product:
Cambell loves the tree. She especially loves bringing Mommy the poinsettias. I knew this would happen... which is why there are no breakable ornaments on the tree this year...
...instead... the ornaments (some, not all) are on the garland on the mantle with the stockings.

We enjoyed all of the Christmas cards :) This was taken a while ago. Many more have been added since.
Cambell enjoyed multiple Christmas celebrations. The first was at Carter's house. Cambell enjoyed herself, but was not happy about the book exchange for some reason. I literally forced her to open her book.
Other than mean Mommy making her open her book, she had a great time with her precious friends.

Cambell experienced her FIRST SNOW! We were playing at Harper's house when the snowy goodness started. Upon stepping ouside, Cambell pointed to the "BUBBLES". So sweet.
Cambell and Harper were more interested in the neighbors' dogs, and less interested in the snow.
We went home and busted out the snow suit we bought in the Spring on sale because we thought we might be skiing this Christmas. Totally worth the purchase for this day :) Daddy came home to share in the joy of Cambell's introduction to snow.
Cambell had her second meeting with Santa. This did not go quite as well as the first. She screamed upon the sight of the jolly old fellow, but for my mother, I endured to make the picture work.
We once again met Santa in Salado. The Leichtys met us for the Christmas Stroll this year. I love being with Maryanne with all of our girls :)
I can't believe we both managed decent family pics!
Cambell LOVES Hannah!
We got to witness Hannah's first taste of hot chocolate...
and Mary Kate stepping in for Baby Jesus.
On to the next celebration... We hosted Cambell's Monday playgroup Christmas with another book exchange! It was sweet, except for the fact that Cambell did NOT want to share her toys and was in the worst mood, EVER. I did manage to get one semi-smile out of her...
That afternoon her dance class had a party. I am so sad I forgot my camera! They did little dances to all of our favorite Christmas songs. While Cambell was not as sour as she was in the morning, she still was not 100% cooperative. Oh well. She looked cute.
Last Wednesday, her little friends came over to play and decorated gingerbread men. It was a MESS, and the kids did not understand the concept of decorating before eating... but it was still memories in the making :)
Carter and Blaire always end up in the Cozy Coupe together!
Jenny and Harper with our chubby gingerbread men...Ashley and Blaire...On to Extended Cook Christmas... We celebrated Christmas with the Cook side of our family on Tuesday night. It was a sweet time. We had a time of reflection as we took turns reading parts of the Christmas story, singing hymns, and lighting the advent candles. Cambell decided the flames looked like fun, but thankfully Aunt Claire and Uncle Marshall stepped in before tiny fingers were singed.
Cambell enjoyed opening her gifts...
and "helping" others open their own...
We are most excited about Cambell's new all-terrain Radio-Flyer Wagon from her grandparents and Grandmother Cook!
We have not time to assemble it yet, but Cambell has enjoyed playing on the box.
And now we are enjoying Christmas Eve in Plano, cuddled by the fire, looking out at the white flurry outside, watching "White Christmas". My dad has been repeating, "This is the best Christmas ever! I am the Grandad! My kids are at MY house!" This is my first Christmas at my parents' house. We have always gone to MY grandparents' houses. It is so crazy that my parents are now the grandparents! We are happy to usher in a new era and are loving this snowy Christmas Eve! We braved Target earlier as a family to purchase presents for the Student Age Parent Program for Plano ISD and are looking forward to the service at Legacy this evening as a family.
We have so much to be thankful for.