Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthday Partyin'

Cambell has celebrated friends' birthdays three weekends in a row! It all started two weekends ago with precious Justin turning two! Cambell and Justin are friends from playgroup and Harris Creek and they are adorable together. Here is Cambell giving Justin his birthday kiss!Lolli was in town and served as a HUGE help!
Cambell GREATLY enjoyed the ice cream.
Playing on the bounce house with Pipes!
Sawyer was there! Which leads us to our next party...
Sawyer and Rebecca's 4th Birthday celebration occurred last weekend after Homecoming at Peter Piper Pizza! This was Cambell's first time there out of her baby carrier :). Rebecca and Sawyer are so special to our family as we have watched their lives so far so closely. We were so happy to get to participate in the celebration! Here's our girl flirting with the birthday boy (seems to be a common thread...)
Riding in a fire truck...
Experiencing her first carousel ride...
and eating her first piece of pizza!
We sure do love this little man! I am so sad I did not get one picture of Becca-Boo. She was a little girl on the go.
Our final party celebrated one year of the precious Ainsley James! Her party was a pajama party on Halloween morning equip with doughnuts galore. Her momma did an amazing job.
Cambell had a great time playing outside in her "Elmo shoes". The girl would never take them off if I would let her live in them. Ella enjoyed them, too. :)
My precious friends, Stephanie and Lee Ann (the amazing momma) with my lovely 9am Saturday morning self.
Little Miss Ella girl enjoying her doughnut...
Happy Birthday, Ainsley! I sure enjoyed sharing your cookies and doughnuts! The proof is on my face!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baylor Homecoming 2009

Baylor Homecoming is my favorite week of the year. Every year. Even the years I attended A&M. This was Cambell's second year to participate in the festivities. Last year, Homecoming fell on Halloween and Cambell wore her costume to the bonfire. The only thing missing this year was the costume! Our "Red River Gang" always meets in the SUB on Friday night before the bonfire. I was so focused taking pictures of Cambell that I sadly did not get a group picture this year.After roaming the SUB and catching up with friends, we headed out to the main event. Cambell was in an independent mood and made her way through the sea of adult legs like an obstacle course she refused to lose. We finally corralled the child by putting her on Daddy's shoulders.
Down to bed at 10:30, up to rise to make it to the parade, Saturday morning was exhausting but worth the fuss! Cambell only really noticed a few of the floats due to the fact that we hung back from the street to visit. She did enjoy "neighing" at the horses from the view from Pop's shoulders.
Cambell loooooves her Uncle Marshall!
Future third generation Tri Delt?
After the parade, we called it a weekend. We watched the game with the Wilkes crew from the comfort of out couch and took a communal nap. Too bad for Baylor, but a GOOD day to be an Aggie :). Saturday night felt bizarre not doing anything homecoming related. Graham's friends were not around, the Red River group did not meet up for the first year... ever, we didn't go to Pig Skin, and my parents left after dinner to go to Austin. It was a short, but sweet homecoming. We did get some extra quality time with Summ and Ryan... or, should I say, "Ryyyyn"
Cambell is becoming an expert on names. I am so proud of her in this department. But, for some reason she has overgeneralized and grouped her Aunt Summer and Ryan together as "Ryyyyyn". It is so funny! We are working on teaching her that although she only sees them together, they are in fact, two separate people... one of whom she is related to by blood, named Summer. I guess she is just taking the whole "two becoming one" in marriage literally! We keep trying to tell her that will take place in March... not yet! It was another Happy Homecoming!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall in Full Swing!

We are loving fall around here! Even though Fall is my favorite season by far, it has taken longer than usual to get into the spirit this year because it has been so dang hot! Now that Fall weather has shown up, we have embraced all things pumpkin. We have been celebrating with visits to pumpkin patches around town. Our first visit was with Cambell's playgroup Monday morning. Cambell was not as enthusiastic as I had hoped. Granted, she was exhausted and cold, but I really thought she would have grown out of her disdain of pumpkins from last year!

Sweet little Kylee Bee tried to cheer her up by handing her a little pumpkin to show her that pumpkins are nice and do not bite.
Here is the crew that was able to make it. You will notice that several others share Cambell's sentiments.
I love how this picture shows the utter chaos that picture taking can bring in toddler world.

The next evening, Cambell made a comeback as we visited a different pumpkin patch in Lorena with GranSara and Grandado ("Dadoo").
She eagerly attempted to pick up each pumpkin and enjoyed independently exploring. Below she is walking with her Grandado, taking biiiiig steps over the patches of grass in the sidewalk. She loves her grandparents!
I sure am glad Cambell loves pumpkins! I was getting worried there for a while...
Wednesday we were going to make another go of the pumpkin patch at Central Christian Church, but it was super rainy. Cambell's other playgroup dressed up in their fall best and are hoping for better weather next week! Besides Harper focusing on the snacktrap, I think we finally got a decent picture of this bunch! It was a great day for this bunch in that we got to witness Blaire's first steps!
We are off to celebrate the festivities of Baylor Homecoming... my favorite weekend of the year :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

When She Smiles...

Cambell Grace had a rough afternoon. An insufficient nap makes for a very grumpy munchie. Cambell was a total mess at Ballet, but when we got home... I didn't know that our little, precious baby girl was capable of such fit(s). Graham and I were quite frustrated with her all evening.... but then she smiles...

Friday, October 9, 2009

17 Months of Cambell!

This week marks 17 months of life for Cambell Grace! The sweetest 17 months of my life without doubt :) I am in love with the stage Cambell is in right now. Every day holds new words and new adventures for our little pumpkin pie. She is so lovable and cuddly, yet independent and stubborn.

Some of Cambell's favorite things...
Grilled cheese sandwiches, books with pictures of ELMO and Ernie, pushing or riding in her Cozy Coupe, DANCING to any music (especially in the car), clapping after everything for affirmation, her friends, BOWS, making animal noises, her lovey, blowing kisses, Mommy and Daddy, hugs, giving "kisses" by bumping foreheads, resting her head on Mommy and Daddy's shoulders when tired, babies, flipping light switches on and off, adding new words to her vocabulary daily, putting the phone to her ear and saying "a-oh" (hello), and talking to herself in mirrors.

Check out Cambell and her mad skills regarding animal noises. My favorite part is when she gets distracted and just starts dancing in complete silence. No music required :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bite Me.

It seems that Cambell has a tattoo only visible to insects reading, "Bite Me". Poor little girl! I have taken her to the doctor twice thinking, "this is the bite that is truly infected", only to be turned down with a loss in $25 co-pay each time. But THIS time, I REALLY thought her bite was infected and dangerous... I mean, her whole calf was completely swollen and half of it was red! Thankfully, we were in Plano, and before wasting another $25, my incredible Aunt and nurse, LV told me I once again did not have to worry. Apparently, this is going to be a cross Cambell must bear for a while. Here is a gallery of bites for your viewing pleasure...

A mosquito kiss on the face in AugustThe reason for the second doctor visit (I do not have pictures from the first)- In my defense, she had a 102.8 fever along with it that made me soooo nervous, but it ended up being related to a virus which had not shown all of its symptoms yet.
All of these bites (left arm, right leg) were in conjunction with the above bite. All from Harris Creek Day at the Lake. (You can really see them if you click to enlarge the picture)
Below is our latest scare. The whole right calf is swollen... and this is from when she was getting better. I wish I had taken a picture the day before. The bite also looks 75% better in this picture.

Even with her ailment, Cambell managed to have a wonderful weekend visiting her Lolli and Pop! When around Lolli, Cambell immediately hijacks the iPhone. Peek-a-Boo Barn is a wonderful application for the little ones, in case anyone is interested. She also loves listening and jamming to the music. She somehow turns it on by herself. My favorite was watching Cambell bust a move to "Right Thurr"... takes it back a few years... not to mention, why do you have that on your phone, Lolli?!?!? ;)
We had a wonderful, relaxing Saturday. Graham and I got to have a brunch date, get some shopping accomplished (thanks to Lolli for completing Cambi's fall wardrobe- and to Gap for the 30% off card for card members :)), and watch some excellent (and disappointing) football. Aunt LV and Mimi joined the crew for a junk food marathon on Saturday evening. If you know anything about my family, you know that DOES NOT happen. Wow. She suggested PIZZA for dinner. What??!!? Then, Aunt LV brought CAKE, Mimi brought COOKIES, BLUE BELL, and HOT FUDGE! Again, this does not happen in that house. It is more of a tofu, grilled chicken, or veggie pita kind of house. We at least laid out some lettuce and coleslaw to make ourselves feel a little better about ourselves. Cambell certainly enjoyed the evening as she grabbed food from each plate, except for Mommy's and Daddy's. She knows who is putty in her hand :) Our stomachs are still recovering! We really enjoyed the evening with the family all together.

Here is Cambell after our Junk Food Frat Party...
Entertained by the many games and of course, the baby. Summer in Ryan did not make it in the below pic somehow. I just want to say, Ryan is an amazing addition to this family. We are looking forward to it becoming official March 13! Cambell loves her Uncle "Wyn" so much that she said his name even before saying Summer. It was his crowning moment in becoming a part of the Wilkes crew :)
Lolli was a trooper in pushing Cambell or helping Cambell push the car, probably for miles, around the house!
Cambell and her Daddy before church on Sunday... she had a rough start to the day.
We had a wonderful weekend with my favorite people in the world! I am so blessed to share their blood and call them family!