Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cambell's Crazy Week

My family was very busy last week. On Monday, Mommy had my playgroup at my house. Even though I had kind of a hard time sharing my toys, Mommy had fun talking with her friends. Later in the afternoon, I had to miss ballet because I woke up from my nap with a fever. For 24 hours from when I woke up from my nap, Mommy changed lots and lots of smelly diapers and kept complaining. But she made up for the complaining with lots of special Mommy hugs. She even rocked me for hours during the night when I couldn't sleep. We went to see my doctor the next morning and I was all better by lunch time. Mommy still made me eat lots of dry toast, applesauce, and banana the rest of the week. I am tired of those things.

Wednesday and Thursday were business as usual until Thursday night when my Mommy and Daddy had Miss Erica come and play with me while they went to the Symphony. I really liked Miss Erica. She was in Red River with me this summer. During dinner, I created a diversion by dropping my cup on the ground all to steal her pizza. Mommy didn't want me to have any, but where there's a will, there's a way! I love Miss Erica SO much that I went to sleep for an hour and then woke up to play with her some more and didn't go to sleep until after 11 pm! I want her to come back! I was so tired from my late night that I slept until 11 am on Friday! Mommy was happy because she had a lot to do! Friday night my GranSara and Grandado came to play with me while Mommy and Daddy went to play with some of their friends. I love my GranSara and Grandado. They brought me special blocks to play with and I had fun figuring out how to use them!

The busyness continued on Saturday. My Mommy went to a baby shower while I stayed home with Daddy and gave him a hard time. I wanted to see how much he really loves me. It is apparently a lot because he is still my Daddy.

After lunch, Mommy and Daddy put me in the car and took me to Tyler, Texas. I only slept for thirty minutes in the car. This made Mommy very sad. Mommy's lifelong friend Courtney Brown (from the Red River gang) was getting married. They didn't let me go to the ceremony, though. Instead, I got to go this really cool nursery and talk to some fish in an aquarium! I did get to see Mrs. Courtney at her reception. She looked like the prettiest Barbie Doll I have ever seen and I really loved touching her dress. Too bad Mommy didn't get a picture of her. Below is a picture of Mommy and the new Mrs. Womble at one of Mommy's bridal showers a long time ago.
I had fun at Mrs. Courtney's reception because Aunt Summer walked with me everywhere I wanted to go.
She even took me dancing. My favorite time to bust a move was when the band was on a break so I could have the dance floor all to myself.The wedding was really fun, but I was very tired from all of the dancing and no napping. Mommy and Daddy were sad to leave all of their Red River family so early, but I just had to go to sleep.

I also have to tell you that I was proud to be an Aggie baby on Saturday.
I got a little confused, though, and tried to "sic em" while wearing my Aggie shirt. Mommy told me I was supposed to Gig Em by putting my thumb up, but I really like siccing better than gigging at this point in my life.
Because we got home so late on Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy let me sleep in on Sunday. Later that day I got to go to my friend Katie's birthday party! It was a gymnastics party and I had so much fun.I liked getting to climb on everything and see my friends, but mostly I liked getting to eat cake. Mommy was sad that I made such a mess, but she owed me because she didn't share her wedding cake the night before.
I had three good friends at the party, and really liked watching all of the older kids.
The weekend is over and Mommy is so tired. She has been letting me sleep a lot because last week just wore me out! I had fun at Ballet yesterday and running errands this morning, even though I once again tried to see if Mommy really loves me unconditionally. She does.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Babell Backs the Bears!

Babell (Cambell's name for herself) attended her very first Baylor football game this weekend! After we decided not to get season tickets because we were not sure how Cambell would handle being a fan, Graham's dad has been on a very thoughtful mission to get us into every game. This week he was able to snag some tickets in the Truett block. Besides Cambell looking sweet in her cheerleading uniform, the experience was a little bit of a bummer. We arrived a little late to the game (nappy time) and the Truett block was completely full. The whole, "these are our seats" bit didn't work because someone else had taken their seats.....and we were just stuck in the aisle. We counted our losses and hung out in the end zone for a while and let mini-fan walk around. She was actually SO GOOD once we let her wiggle. I know she would not have done quite as well if we had been sitting, so it all worked out. After sweating and watching a lot of people walk by, we gave up at the half and sought out air conditioning, food, and a place to sit. Going to the game as a family was a nice attempt, but I don't think Cambell will be frequenting Baylor games for a couple of years. She sure looked cute, though... and we got to see a lot of people... including the Starlings! We were driving around looking for parking before the game, when, lo and behold, we see one our favorite families parking. We were able to park by them and walk in together. The spots were free and insanely close. This proved beneficial when Sam had to take the stroller all the way back to the car because they are prohibited in the stadium. Cambell enjoyed the extra time playing with Piper as we waited with Deanna and the girls.
I am definitely glad we tried! We're grateful Graham's dad gave us the chance to go to the game as a family. Cambell sure loves Baylor... but don't worry, she will also be seen in Aggie attire this football season!

Sunday held more of the great outdoors with Lake Day after our service at Harris Creek. We were served burgers, shaved ice, and had lots of games and inflatables to play on. Our family stayed out of the actual lake, but enjoyed being with friends and following Cambell around. Once again, we decided this is the kind of activity that will be GREAT in a few years, maybe even one, but now it is just chase the toddler and figure out how to feed her lunch without a high chair. In all of her running around, she kept finding her sweet little friend, Betsy Grace. These two have been buddies since the beginning! Cambell REALLY wanted to hold her hand...
Our weekend was sweaty, but a lot of fun. I must return to the beginning of our weekend to the celebration of UNCLE MARSHALL! Cambi's Uncy Marshy turned 23 on Friday and we celebrated with dinner! It actually carried with our outdoor theme of the weekend because we ate outside, enjoying the beautiful evening. Graham and I are ever proud of Marshall. We appreciate his depth and thoughtfulness, and believe he is destined to do great and meaningful things. We love having him in Waco while he is still at Baylor and will miss him whenever he goes off to change the world! Happy Birthday to Marshall!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cambellina Ballerina

Cambell Grace Cook started Ballet yesterday. We are taking a Mommy and Me class at Central Texas Dance Academy in McGregor called Boogie Babies. Now, I wouldn't exactly call our class Classical Ballet, but it was PRECIOUS and Cambell is a tiny ballerina! I have been looking forward to this since the sonogram pointed us to pink! Dance was a huge part of my childhood and I wanted to share this HUGE part of my life with Cambell. My mom started me at 2 years old and so many of my memories of childhood include dance. Lots of changing clothes and eating in the car, weekends filled with competitions, and a TON of HAIRSPRAY! It consumed my life until I was 14 and switched to cheerleading, much to the chagrin of my mother at the time, after who knows how much money she invested in dance (she eventually came around and will never go back :) ) We plan to expose Cambell to many different activities and allow her to choose her favorite, but I couldn't help but introduce Cambell to my favorite of all first! I will say her sassy little self seems to make her a little natural.

I really enjoyed her little class. At this point, it reminded me of MusikGarten sans instruments and with added movement. Her little teacher did a great job even amidst random fits and runaways. We will get there... that is why the Mommas are involved. Cambell is by far the youngest, and was only allowed to start so young because we know the owner of the studio, the lovely Kaci Rogers!
I had fun taking lots of pictures of my little ballerina in her leotard and the tiniest little ballet shoes you have ever seen! Look at that little baby on her toes! She knows what those shoes are made for :) I also need to mention that she pulls an arabesque whenever she is at her "learn and groove table", and I have caught her in the SPLITS twice (like real, one leg in front, one leg behind, splits)! I ran to get my camera both times and failed. Of course I could not coerce her into the position again because it was not HER idea, but it cracks me up how this little toddler can be so graceful and limber without any prompting. Another favorite is the way she breaks into dance when at the sound of music by bouncing up and down, side to side, all while nodding her head in tune... I have been trying to capture the perfect moment on film, and will try to share when I can.
Cambell's Uncle Marshall is taking beginner's jazz or his final HP credit at Baylor. SO AMAZING and HYSTERICAL. I am just yearning to see this football playing, large male in action. He bought real jazz shoes and everything. In December, Cambell and Marshall are going to have a dance-off to compare their skills :) We will keep you posted.

Yesterday was an exciting afternoon for this Mommy! I love my prissy, little Cambellina Ballerina!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Allow Me To Rewind...

I wanted to document Cambell's first day of "school" while it was fresh on my mind, but not at the expense of documenting memories from Grandado's 60th birthday celebration and Labor Day weekend... So, I will rewind a little...

Grandado's 60th birthday celebration was meaningful and memorable. I will reiterate once again how respected and loved Grandado is in our family. Along with the family celebration, Ron was honored all day at Truett. His picture was strewn throughout the seminary, not limited to the mens' bathrooms and elevators. We are certainly proud and blessed to be apart of "Dr. Cook's" family.

The whole family gathered for dinner, homemade ice cream, 7up cake, and gifts... even Claire was able to join us from Missouri, thanks to Google Chat! Below is Cambell enjoying conversing with her Aunt!
Cambell enjoyed once again proving her musical skills on the piano :)
Graham and I (mostly Graham, with a little help from myself) put together a basket filled with mementos from Ron's life from every place he has lived. A diaper from Dumas (where he was born), a Pinion Pine scented Cambell from New Mexico, actual California Oranges from his time in ORANGE County, Jack Daniel's Bourbon Barbecue Sauce from Kentucky, real Georgia peach preserves representing his time in Atlanta, sirloin steaks from Hereford (the land of cows), cinnamon pecans from Brownwood (Pecan Valley), and Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies to represent Waco (now and from when he attended Baylor). We hope he enjoyed the "trip".

Labor Day weekend was quite busy for the Cook fam. Friday night we traveled to Austin to visit the LIECHTY family! They recently moved back to Texas after four grueling years in Atlanta and we are SOOO happy to have them back and only a few hours down I35. Graham helped Lorne put up some chair rail and beaded board in their precious new house in Steiner Ranch, while we girls entertained our three little ones. Hannah (3) was gracious to share her toys and space with Cambell, and Mary Kate (8 months) was happy to watch Cambell and Hannah's every move.
We tried SO hard to get a decent picture of the girls in their matching dresses, but we met defeat.

Pathetic. We could not get Hannah and Cambell to cooperate at the same time. At least the one below is pretty sweet of Cambell and Hannah playing.
We love the Liechtys. Maryanne and I became friends our freshman year at A&M and she is one of the most loyal friends I have ever known. We have walked through a lot together, and I cannot believe she still loves me after living with me! Below we are with the Liechtys our senior year at one of their wedding showers... before marriage... before babies...
After a wonderful pancake breakfast Sunday morning by Maryanne's dad, (one I have had many times through my time in Maryanne's life), we were off to Waco to get ready for the Wilkes clan to arrive for the remainder of the extended weekend. My family travels in a pack. When you get one, you get them all. We were so happy to have Lolli, Pop, Ryan, Summer, and Mimi stay in our little house with the Cook three. We started out with dinner at Rudy's. I cannot believe I was able to get everyone looking and smiling in the picture below, including Cambell (oh, wait... my husband has a mouth full of food... oh well).
The rest of the weekend included much relaxing and hanging out. We made homemade ice cream, grilled hamburgers from the 116 lbs of beef we have from Poppy's cow, and Cambell got to go see the Baylor Bear! It was an excellent Labor Day Weekend!
Memory Documentation Complete :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cambell Goes to School!

Today was Cambell's first day of Parents' Day Out! Thursdays will now be filled with fun for Cambi, and errands and increased productivity for Mommy. I have been apprehensive about the first day for a while because I knew how it would begin...I was right.
Cambell woke up on the WRONG side of the crib this morning. I knew she would have a tough time going to school for the first time even if she had woken up at her cheeriest.

Little Munch settled down for the car ride. I felt really silly taking a picture in the parking lot, but I needed one happy face for a picture. I didn't exactly get her to smile or look at me, so this will have to do as her first day of school picture:
I took her to her classroom and gave her a kiss on the hand with a stamp to keep with her all day. It is from the book, The Kissing Hand. So sweet. I handed her to the teacher and the tears began to flow. Thankfully, the teacher loved on her and was incredibly patient as all of the other babies were happily playing. I watched through a window for a while where she could not see me and thankfully found encouragement from my friends. At least I KNEW this is what was going to happen. It wasn't a surprise. I cried as she refused to be consoled. They tried to give her Lovey and show her that her friend Kylee was there, but Cambell only watched Kylee walk around and wouldn't stop crying. It was kind of funny to watch her watch Kylee. Finally, my friends encouraged me to leave because she HAD to settle down at some point, right? She did. I dropped her off a little before 9 and called at 9:30 to check on her. I felt pathetic, but I had to know. Cambell was already over her fears and embracing the fun. I was able to run my errands in peace. I renewed my car registration, which was way past due, and ran all over town. I only came home for 10 mintues the whole day!

Here is Cambell's first "Progress Report":
Please notice where it is circled, "I did not sleep". I was lucky to get home before she fell asleep. She actually concked out on the changing table as I changed her diaper. I snuggled with her a little before putting her down and she slept until 5:30 :) I really missed our girl today. I was so happy to see her at 2:30.

Plus, we now have art on our fridge! It's like we're officially parents :)