Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our New Little Soul


I listened to this song over and over right before I had Cambell. It is silly, but she really is a new soul in this strange world. Graham and I have the blessing and intense responsibility of introducing her to her world that will sometimes be kind, other times cruel, and always strange. I echo her father in the pain I feel even looking ahead to the ways this world will scar her. Graham and I can only do so much to protect her little soul. This little innocent creature is growing every day. I cannot believe how big she is getting and how every day she seems more full of life than the previous day. I love being able to meet her needs. I love getting to witness every smile and coo. I love that she knows and trusts me. There is a sweetness about her as her personality continues to emerge. I have loved her since I discovered her existence. The love grew more intense when I got to hold the little being that had been kicking my insides in my arms.  It continues to grow as our interactions grow. She did nothing to earn her parents' love. Nor will she ever do anything to lessen our love for her.  I have only been a parent for 12 weeks, but I have understood so many mysteries about God's love for me as his child in these short weeks. It is incredible.  I have so much to learn from this little soul. 

*Sorry about the video overload... We just found the cord to upload videos to our computer  and got a little video happy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes a baby babbles.....

Here's a clip of our little girl after her bath.  She had a great conversation with mommy.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

a note from daddy

After lots of effort, I just decided to post this as an image.  Click on it to enlarge the text.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Family Time...

Our little Cook family is split up this week. Graham is in Waco working hard at his job and on our house. Storey and Cambell are in Plano visiting the Wilkes side of our family. Pop is off work for the week and Summer is home for her last hoorah before entering the adult world.

Cambell and I have only been gone for a night, but it is crazy how I miss being with my husband in our little routine we have established. Graham has gotten to spend quality time with his parents and brother and will get to work on our house without distraction. Cambell and I have enjoyed this special time with the Wilkes side of our family. We have been eating ice cream, visiting Summer's new pad, and laughing a ton (mostly at Cambell). Pop even babysat so that the (older) girls could go see Mama Mia! Graham was pleased that he got out of having to see the chick flick. Even with as much fun as we are having, I look so forward to reuniting our little family tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Joyous Occasion

This Saturday was a very special day. Our precious friend, Miss Allison Sadler became Mrs. Allison Thompson. Allison is a member of an incredible group families that my (Storey's) family has been going with to Red River, New Mexico every other summer for about twenty years. All of the men in the group were in Chamber together at Baylor. The majority of them married Baylor women and made Baylor babies. I am actually one of the few offspring to rebel and not attend Baylor. This group is the reason Baylor Homecoming is my favorite weekend of the year. I even made it every year I was at Texas A&M, even when my own family was unable to make it! Below are the men whose friendship has created a lifelong group of friends closer than family who have enriched my life. 
Graham and I feel very blessed to have had the first baby of the third generation of the Red River group. This weekend was very special for us to share our baby with the whole group. Many of them came to see Cambell in the hospital, but this weekend solidified her membership in the group. It was special, and a little surprising, to see many of the men in the group asking to hold Cambell. George Cowden won the prize for the best grandfather-in-training. 
Ironically, if this were a Red River summer, we would be there right now. The 19th of July is not only now Allison's anniversary date, it is also Melinda Reynolds and young George Cowden's birthday. We celebrate these birthdays every time we are there. Graham made his first appearance in Red River last summer and we look forward to this time next summer when we will take our daughter to experience it for the first time! Don't worry... her Pop bought her baby Keens so that she will be properly outfitted. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Our little girl slept through the night for the first time last night! She slept TEN hours! We are so proud of our little pumpkin! We look forward to actually feeling well rested as we live our lives. What a big girl!

Aunt Summer has been staying with us for a few days for some quality Cambell time and has been an IMMENSE help to Mommy.  She has changed a record number of poopy diapers and even let Mommy get extra sleep at her own expense! Cambi loves her Aunt Summ!

We are looking forward to an eventful weekend celebrating Allison Sadler's wedding and Melinda Reynolds's birthday!

Monday, July 14, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

What a weekend! The Cook family headed to Dallas for the first time with our daughter for the celebration of Graham and I's anniversary. On our way to my parent's house to hand off the baby, we visited Cambell's Great Grandmother, Mama A, to celebrate four beautiful generations. It was special to get to see Mama A hold and adore her first great-grandchild. 

We then headed to Plano for the reunion of Cambell 
and her Aunt Summer after 6 long weeks!
My family was very happy to take Cambell off our hands for a whole 24 hours so that we could relax and get away by ourselves. We have officially started a tradition of staying in the same hotel we stayed in two years ago on our wedding day. It is such a great retreat from the real world and we were able to reconnect without worrying about our little munchkin. 
I don't think Cambell even knew we were gone. My mom had turned my old room into a baby heaven, but the air conditioning went out on the side of the house with my bedroom along with all of the living areas before our arrival! My parents had to go out and buy a pack n' play because they could not get the crib out of my room to take to the cooler side of the house.  This predicament was compounded by my sister living in transition between apartments, leaving all of her belongings in the other bedrooms. We were all flexible and made it work, but it sure was packed. 

Cambell also went to church for the first time Sunday! My mom was very excited to show her off at Legacy Church. It was special to show her to people who have watched me grow up. Our little Cambell got to meet her namesake, Cambell Grace D'Aloise for the first time. We unfortunately do not have pictures to document the occasion. It was a wonderful first trip to Plano!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Little 2 Month Old

Guess who turned two months on Monday?  Cambell!  We celebrated with vaccinations.  She handled them like a champ.  Daddy held her legs for the nurse and Mommy kissed her face and held her hands.  Now we can pass her around.

Before she was born everyone talked about how fast babies grow.  We believed them, but to see it is crazy.  As a parent, it is wonderful to make eye contact with your child and know that they see Mommy and Daddy.  We love hearing the myriad of little sounds that come from her mouth (and bottom--these we do not love).  She has a convex mirror above one of her swings and she discovered her little face in it for the first time this week.  She smiles at herself for as long as we will let her.  

She loves to smile at Mommy and Daddy.  We smile back.  One of our favorite faces she makes is when she furrows her brow.  We first took a picture of this when she was only a day old.  She still makes this face often.  She gets it from her Daddy. 

We have discovered an amazing new love--that of a parent to a child. We love our little blessing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Amazing Years

This short week so far has held two very important milestones in the Cook family. Cambell turned 2 months old yesterday and Graham and I's marriage turns 2 years old today! We cannot believe all that has taken place in the past two years. 

Two months into marriage... we buy our first car together
Three months into marriage... Graham gets laid off
Four months into marriage... Graham gets his job back and then some :)
Nine months into marriage... we buy our house
Fifteen months into marriage... we discover life in Storey's belly... a lovely surprise
Twenty-two months into marriage... Cambell comes into the world

Much has happened in between, but that covers the major life altering highlights. We find ourselves with a renewed and more seasoned love for each other as time passes. These are the first two years of what we hope is a long and loving relationship. Two years ago today we said our vows beginning this incredible journey and look forward to seeing where it takes us. It's too bad we can't go to San Francisco like we did for our honeymoon. 

"We left our hearts in
San Francisco"...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cooks Love Kisses????

Ironically, in a household with an electrical engineer and four working computers we just get around to blogging in.....mid 2008.  So why now?  Cambell--that's why!!!!  We had our first child--Cambell Grace Cook--on May 7, 2008.  Since life is a little more "involved" and we have exciting things to share with friends and family across the country...why not blog?

Do "Cooks love kisses"?  Answer--yes, but only from each other.  When we had our first Red River vacation as a married couple in July 2007 we came across this awesome sign in a gift shop full of signs (surprise), rubber snakes, and cap guns.

Graham: Storey, look at this sign (points to the "Cooks love kisses" sign)

Storey: Oh.

(Moment of enlightenment)


We have enjoyed the past two years of marriage and look forward to the future as an expanding family.