Friday, November 21, 2008

Melinda is MARRIED!

My lifelong friend, Melinda Reynolds became Melinda Kirkpatrick on November 8. Melinda has been one of the most loyal, consistent friends I have ever known. While we have experienced some of life's greatest joys as friends, we have also grown together through some very dark hours. It is also special to add that Melinda was friends with Graham at Baylor before I knew of his existence. She kicks herself that she is not the one who thought to put us together. It is also important to add that I knew her husband, Steve, at A&M. Small world. 
Melinda was a VERY huge part of my wedding and was at the hospital a few hours after Cambell arrived. I cannot even believe how much she loves Cambell. We are so looking forward to growing old as, now, FAMILY friends :)

Here we are with the beautiful bride and groom at their reception at the Barfield Drawing Room at Baylor. The entire night was perfect! And now, Steve is an official member of the Red River Gang! We are looking forward to this summer! Melinda could not have found a more perfect man for her! 
Here is Cambell dancing the night away with her Pop, who officiated part of the wedding.  What a night!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bears WIN!

This Saturday the Cook family took a trip to Austin to see the Liechty's and celebrate the coming of Mary Kate (more on that to come...). To Daddy's dismay, we were unable to attend the A&M v. Baylor game. Mommy was grateful to have missed such a beating. I had a sneaky suspicion that Baylor was going to win, but I had no idea it would be so horrible! We received updates throughout the game and I have to admit that Graham was a gracious winner even surrounded by Aggies. He was much more gracious this year than he was four years ago on the infamous night Baylor beat A&M for the first time in many years. The aforementioned game occurred at a special time in our relationship. Graham and I were still in the "talking" stage before officially dating and he sat with my family at the game. It was fun to smack talk throughout the game and in the end I was glad to see him so happy even though it was to the detriment of my team. Two years ago we went to the game as a married couple and I was the one doing all the gloating. This year, although we were not officially at the game, we still got into the spirit and brought Cambell into that same spirit. Since Baylor is such a HUGE part of both sides of the family, I compromised by letting her wear Baylor clothing and A&M accessories. It worked well for us. She was quite a doll. More to come on activities from the past two weekends...

Friday, November 7, 2008

6 months!

Cambell is six months old today. I don't know how it happened! This whole baby experience is flying by and I can't handle it! Cambell is so sweet, cuddly and loving. She loves giving kisses by grabbing your face and pulling herself up to slobber your face up with the most precious kiss you will ever receive. Further proof that Cooks really do love kisses! 

Cambell is such a ham. The second we hold up the camera to our face she turns on the charm and begins smiling with her laughing face, as Matt Homeyer so lovingly puts it. She certainly charmed all of the volunteers at the voting site on Tuesday when she went to vote with Mommy. They even put an "I Voted" sticker on her shirt. She wore it through Baby Time (our little fun class at the library) but by lunch time the sticker was a slobbery, slimy mess and we had to part with it. No worries, though... Mommy saved it for the baby book!
Mealtime with Cambell is still an absolute mess. She is getting better about actually opening her mouth for some bites, but only about 50% of the time. The other 50% she likes to spit the food out while blowing her bubbles. It is quite lovely. This morning was one of the times she spit about 99% of what went in, right back out. It makes for cute pictures, though. 
Our biggest milestone as of late is Cambell's ability to sit up unassisted! She LOVES it. As do I. Especially while she is still immobile. This little girl is such a joy and I am so grateful for my sweet, laid back baby. Happy half Birthday, Cambell Grace!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Loving Fall

We have certainly been busy enjoying fall festivities in the Cook household. I apologize for our negligence to the blog during this crazy time. Our first fall celebration was in the form of a pumpkin carving party with our lifegroup from our church. We carved pumpkins together and baked the seeds for a fall treat. We came away with some pretty impressive pumpkins!

Earlier last week, we took a trip to a local pumpkin patch as a family. I was excited to share my love for all things pumpkin with Cambell, but ended up scarring her forever I fear. She has been pretty good about sitting up lately but she lost balance and fell smack on her pretty little face in the grass. Poor baby. She calmed down quickly when held, but lost it every time we tried to set her back amongst the pumpkins. She was so scratched up that evening, but thankfully the marks had disappeared by the next morning. Here is Cambell BEFORE the fall:

Here she is AFTER the fall. Poor baby.
On Friday, we dressed Cambell up as a chick/duckling (it's all in eye of the beholder and has been highly debated) hatching out of an egg! My mom saw a child wearing this exact costume at her church last Halloween and fell in love. Because she is a beloved pastor's wife, the chick/duckling's mother gave us this precious costume. All I contributed was the actual egg shell she is sitting in. She LOVED wearing and discovering her costume. It was a precious first Halloween. 
We did not actually make it trick or treating. We made a quick appearance at Trunk or Treat at our church before heading over to Baylor for Homecoming festivities. Below is Cambell with her sweet friend, Betsy Grace.

Baylor Homecoming is my favorite weekend of the year. I even made it a priority my four years at A&M. You can read more about our amazing friends in this previous post about the Red River gang. Cambell stayed in her costume for our traditional hang out time in the sub before Bonfire. She was quite a hit. I cannot believe that we brought our baby to Homecoming! It was so special to introduce her to a tradition that will be a big part of her life in the coming years. Below she is being held by Steve Sadler, who got married during the weekend!
Cambell had a great first parade experience. She was a bit tired from the late night before, but handled the overstimulation like a champ. I was so proud of her. We made the rounds to visit both sets of family and friends. Here she is giving Grandado a big Cambell kiss. Cambell kisses are the best kinds of kisses. We skipped out on the game this year so that Cambell could take a good nap. We sincerely regret missing such a wonderful game. We are not going to miss the Baylor v. A&M game, though! Saturday evening we went to Steve and Julie Sadler's wedding. It was amazing to see these two families brought together after all they have been though. God is so good! It was a successful first Baylor Homecoming as a family and we look forward to many more!