Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cereal Girl...

Our little girl has ventured into the world of solid foods. Well, into the world of rice cereal mixed with mommy's milk that is still basically liquid. We started the cereal on Saturday morning with Aunt Summer, Lolli, Mommy, and Daddy all gathered around oohing and gooing over the little eater. Cambell did not quite understand this new contraption we know as the spoon. In fact, she still doesn't get it entirely. She has the rest of her life to figure it out, so we're not worried. I don't think Cambell is the biggest fan of cereal, but she tolerates it. I think that I should just pour half of the cereal on her bib at the beginning and just get it over with. Progress is being made with every feeding, though. I am so proud of our girl!  

Another exciting development is Cambell's ability to hold objects and bring them to her mouth. Her two favorite objects are her rattle and her frog that hangs from her car seat. She loves to shake her rattle and  watch the beads bounce around. She loves peering into the frog's eyes and chewing on the rings attached to him. Every day she becomes more of a little person! I especially love when she turns the pages of her board books. It is precious. I am loving this giggly, happy, interactive stage she is in right now, although I tear up every now and then when I realize she is really not a newborn anymore!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Few Random Updates...

First and foremost, we want to wish Cambell's Crazy Uncle Marshall a very happy 22nd birthday! Marshall's constant wit keeps us smiling and serves as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. His awareness and compassion for our hurting world challenges us. His presence in our life encourages us. We love you, Crazy Uncle Marshall! Cambell has been saving smiles for you!
Random Update #1: This week has flown by! It has been beautiful and Cambell and I have tried to get outside every chance we get! We have taken lots of walks and met friends at the park. Even this first hint of fall has made me giddy! 

Random Update #2: Last weekend we were supposed to go to Plano for my sweet friend, Shannon Echols' wedding. We were weary at the thought of driving in the wind with mean old hurricane Ike to Dallas.  I was so upset to miss the wedding of one of my closest high school friends as well as time at my parents' home. But, we got to celebrate a new friend's birthday with some of our favorite Waco friends. On Sunday after church, we took these pictures of Cambell in her one of her Feltman Brother's dresses that I wore as a baby. To see all of the pictures of our little photo shoot, visit Cambell's shutterfly page in the Pretty Blue Dress album. 

Random Update #3: I think Cambell is getting ready to roll over.  We have found her asleep in this position multiple times...
As I walked to the other side of the crib I discovered the paci. We think she was reaching for it, gave up, and just fell asleep. That just can't be comfortable!
Random Update #4: This weekend Lolli and Aunt Summer are coming to visit us... well, let's be honest, they are coming to see Cambell. Graham and I are looking forward to getting to go on a real date Saturday night even though I know we will both end up missing our girl. We are looking forward to a fun family weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Comeback: Producer's Cut

Our baby's immune system works.  She handled the central Texas stomach bug like a champ.  After one extreme vomit, three diarrhea diapers, three hours of crying, and a two-and-a-half hour nap, she made a complete recovery.  As you can see, she's smiling again.

This week Cambell received an exersaucer from Lolli.  It's been a huge hit.  She is learning to balance herself better and can swivel all the way around.  She loves all the toys and chews on everything she can get in her mouth.  Mommy and Daddy like it because it keeps her in one place.  We hope she's still OK with it once she becomes mobile.  

Today Cambell made her second appearance at Daddy's work.  All the ladies thought she was beautiful.  All the men grumbled something like "I'm glad I'm past that stage...." as she slobbered all over the ladies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bug...

Our little cuddle bug has a stomach bug... but you would never know it. She is still squealing for joy even with a fever and diarrhea. At first I thought she was just having a reaction to her shots, but her pediatrician confirmed this afternoon that she in fact is fighting her first stomach bug. It is her first illness! I would be sad and feel sorry for her, but she is so happy! We are very grateful that our little girl is such a trooper. It seems the rice cereal is going to have to wait...

Monday, September 8, 2008

4 Months!

Cambell turned four months old yesterday! Today we went to the doctor for her four month check up and discovered she is even more chubby than we imagined! She is already 17 pounds 3 ounces, which is in the 97th percentile!!! She is only in the 50th percentile for height! Oh how we love our little chub-a-lub! It is funny to remember that she started out life below the 50th percentile for weight. She sure made up for lost time!

Cambell is at such a fun stage. She talks constantly, giggles, and sqeals. There is no sound more precious! I love hearing these happy squeals when she wakes up in the morning and when she wakes up from her naps. The only down side to this stage is the drool. It is a constant battle. We are, however, looking forward to the tooth that will come out of it! She chews on everything we let her get near her mouth and grabs everything she can get her hands on. She can almost put her paci in her mouth!

I love how much Cambell loves her Mommy and Daddy. She is most animated around us and loves to watch our every move. Cambell's newest loves include having books read to her, laying on her jungle mat looking up at her toys or on her tummy staring at the elephant, and watching Baby Einstein. But most of all she loves Mommy and Daddy to hold her and talk to her. Our favorite times are just sitting on the couch getting Cambell to talk to us. We just watch her every facial expression (they change every second), and bobbling head as she stands on our legs. 

We are going to start her on rice cereal soon! We will keep you "posted"! (Oh, I am so corny).

Happy 4 months to Cambell Grace!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baylor Baby

Here is our litte girl supporting the Bears on game day. She decided to test the capacity of her diaper IMMEDIATELY after taking this picture... or maybe during...

 Don't worry Baylor, we have a back up!
Don't worry Aggies... she will be representing her A&M pride soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend...

When Graham was a freshman at Baylor, he immediately met an awesome group of guys who have stayed pretty well connected even after college. We spent this weekend with these now, family friends. On Saturday, several of these friends were able to get together at the Homeyers' house in Marble Falls.  Cambell had a chance to meet Lydia--Graham's old roommate Joe's cute little daughter.  Lydia is a month older than Cambell.  It was neat to see these two little babies discover each other. Lydia tried to hug Cambell upon meeting her while Cambell remained aloof. Cambell eventually warmed up, though and they had a great time playing together (as much as three and four month olds can).  Lydia's mommy, Mary Kathryn, was even able to coax Cambell into another laughing spree! Too bad we didn't have the video camera.

Saturday night we all went to Austin to celebrate our friend Neal's engagement at an awesome restaurant close to UT.  We had to fight football fans for parking spots.  On Sunday everyone went to church where Matt Homeyer is the pastor in Marble Falls. Graham stole the show with his opening prayer :). We then went to lunch at the ever popular Bluebonnet Cafe. While everyone else went to Krause Springs in the afternoon, we had to call it a weekend. Our daughter had worn her little self out. It was a wonderful weekend getting to spend time with these wonderful friends. All of the boys reverted back to their very mature college sense of humor and many laughs were had by all. We hope to have many more weekends like this and look forward to seeing everyone at Baylor Homecoming! It's times like these I wish A&M had a homecoming!