Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Week 2012

It's that week again! The week where half of our little family adds a candle to their cake! The fearless father celebrated the big 3-2 on Friday, and Cambell Grace is 4 fancy years old today! I love celebrating these two! How awesome are the miss-matched candles?!? Go with what you got ;).

We are enjoying this day with sweet Cambell Grace. This is one of our last years to spend a birthday with her at home before the big Kindergarten begins. This little one has made our family fancier, sillier, and sweeter than I could ever have imagined. Her little heart cannot stand to see anyone sad or in pain. She takes better care of Grayer than I do sometimes. She is my little snuggle buddy and shopping companion. When Daddy is out of town, I keep her up late just to talk because I love the way her mind works. She has a mind of her own and while that can get annoying as a parent sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way. This girl is still teaching me how to be a mommy and I just hope I am doing right by her at least most of the time! I look so forward to watching her mature into a girl and a woman and seeing what God has in store for her life! We are so proud of our precious Cambell Grace!

More on our celebrations to come... I haven't even posted about Grayer's party yet! Yikes!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tis the Season

Merry, Merry Christmas (a little late) from our family to yours!

This Christmas season has been fun-filled, jam-packed, and is sadly coming to a close. I am so grateful for this season with family to celebrate the Son of God coming into our world as a tiny baby. This year has been especially fun as our little girl is beginning to "get it". LOTS of celebrating has gone on these past few weeks. The following is a summary in pictures...

Christmas Eve service at Legacy Church! I love getting to hear my daddy and see all that is happening with this amazing group of people.
Christmas Eve Tex-Mex feast! Grayer quite enjoyed the black beans...
leading to the inevitable post-dinner bath.
One of my favorite Wilkes clan traditions includes opening presents to/from each other on Christmas Eve. Sadly, Grayer guy was partied out and missed the rest of the evening festivities. Thank you to Aunt Summ for the TOMS! I have to convince Cambell Grace nightly we can't sleep in them because our bed would turn into a mess of pink sparkles. She is quite reluctant to take them off or wear other shoes.
Lolli MADE this beautiful Rapunzel dress for Cambell Grace. Pictures do not do this masterpiece justice. Dress-up is a part of our daily routine, and Cambell Grace has already put this beautiful gift to good use.
Cambell Grace LOVES her Aunt Summer and Uncle Ryan! They are superheroes in our book!
Carrying out the tradition my Poppy started when my dad was a little boy of reading The Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas Eve.
Checking out what Santa brought...
Grayer enjoying his new chair...
Mommy and Daddy's presents :) So cheesy, but so true!
Cambell Grace and Sally Grace all ready for church. Legacy had a neat little service gathered around the Christmas tree in the foyer.
At Legacy Church with Pop... Cambell Grace loved getting to hear him speak in front of everyone. She did have some sad moments, though...
but Grayer guy was happy as can be!
Grayer's turn to open gifts after Christmas dinner (or late lunch, as was the case)...
Gingerbread house factory!
Graham took the entire week off in between Christmas and New Years, making for a relaxing end to 2011. We look forward to all 2012 has in store for our family of four!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Grayer is ONE!

My precious baby boy is one year old. What a year! Life with Grayer is sweet, constant, and definitely entertaining. This year has been so fun, so hard, and so good. Looking back on this year brings a flood of differing emotions. This year has been hard. Grayer has already seen two different medical specialists, had surgery to get tubes put in his ears at 7 months old, and survived a trip to the ER. He has required breathing treatments and a great deal of worry from this mommy. (I realize that he is still a very healthy boy, and for that I am thankful, but all of this has been a new experience for our family.) I struggled with the routine of having 2 little ones more than I thought I would. BUT--this boy has brought a joy to my life that I cannot even put into words. I melt every.time I look at him. His sweet grin and sloppy kisses send me over the moon. I am IN LOVE with our contemplative, yet silly; mischievous as can be, yet sweet to the core little boy. He is so serious, especially with new faces. Grayer is a miniature Graham and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though it means a struggle with smiling at new faces, I know he is like his daddy, which will result in an incredible man.Grayer Moments/Mannerisms:

Grayer loves to wear his angry bird eyes and keep his arms out to the side 90% of the time.

He is quite used to his breathing treatments by now...

Grayer is MESSY. If I let him feed himself, he goes immediately to the bath afterward. He devours anything placed in front of him with great speed and special technique. By grabbing fistfuls of food in each hand and bringing them to his mouth, he works the food through his fist, out through the hole made by his thumb and pointer finger and into his mouth. It sure does sound nasty when he is eating bananas. Ew. Grayer can make ANYTHING messy. You may think that a plain cracker or tortilla would be safe, but no. Bibs are always required.

Grayer takes off his right shoe EVERY time we are in the car. No matter the pair of shoes. No matter the weather. Only the right shoe.

Little man cruises everything, including the wall. He will crawl to his walker, stand up, and proceed to push it wherever he wants to go. He stands up with great stability, but just will.not.walk. by himself. We don't get it. He even holds our hand and walks beside us with ease. I am quite alright with prolonging the whole walking thing because this boy is into everything as it stands. He gets into the toilet almost daily--even when the lid is down. He can open every cabinet and has some sort of magical power where he can find any electrical outlet. Anywhere. We obviously have covers on ours at home... but everywhere else... he finds them... within a few seconds. Will he share his daddy's affinity for electricity?

My sweet little guy is prone to mischief. Disciplining is quite a task because it requires a straight face, which is not easy to keep because the dude is so funny. When I am able to keep it together, a stern, "NO" is all it takes and the little boy falls apart. It is so sad... so sweet... so funny. Everything about this boy makes my heart happy.

I am so thankful for Grayer's little life and look forward to what this second year will hold. I do wish the first year could last longer, but having a front seat to watching this boy grow is such a gift! Happy Birthday, sweet Grayer Guy! You are our precious budsy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THAT kind of morning...

This morning has been THAT kind of morning. You know... the one where you are running just late enough to miss the carpool lane, so you have to take your daughter and sick son inside without shoes on because you wore leather flats with bows on them with your old school, hideous work out shorts and massive t-shirt because you didn't think you were going to have to get out of the car. The kind of morning where your daughter throws a horrendous fit over something one shouldn't even bat an eyelash over, throwing herself on the ground, making us just late enough to have endure previous said experience. The kind of morning that proves I do not have it together. Not that I really believed otherwise, but this definitely sealed the deal. When I got home, Grayer threw up all over me. I guess I deserved that.
I completely lost it on Cambell Grace. I wouldn't even walk her down the hall to her room, I was so mad at her for her behavior this morning. I feel terrible about the way I left her. Thankfully, 3 year old girls are quite forgiving. I will pick her up from preschool today with a hug, an apology, and maybe even some sort of treat. I am so thankful that even at their/my worst, I have been entrusted with these two little lives. These little people depend on me, so I will pull myself together, apply some mascara, and fake it till I make it!
After all the anger and throw up, I sat on the couch with my sweet, sick son and cuddled him while he chewed on a rubber ducky and I sipped my well deserved pumpkin spice latte, just thankful for grace. Thankful for my little sweeties who ADORE each other and their parents. Thankful for the reminder that I CANNOT do this by myself. Hopeful that I am a work in progress.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grayer Guy- 9 months

My sweet little boy is 9 months big. He still seems so little to me. Grayer guy is our sweet, squirmy, smiley budsy. This little boy adds so much joy to our family. From his mischievous looks and curious spirit, to his pouty lip and head hanging cry, he keeps us constantly laughing. I have horribly neglected to document his little life so far. We are definitely not lacking in pictures, or videos for that matter, but I have not written much down on paper, and there is so much about this stage with this little guy I do not want to forget... how he sleeps with his little bottom in the air, cuddling his cow lovey...

...and how he's not quite sure how he feels about being one in the line-up of his sister's dolls, even though Cambell Grace makes him light up and giggle faster than anyone.

I want to remember how he pouts with his entire face...
...smiles with his entire face... and LOVES playing with his tools.

I do not want to forget that he either has his hands or whatever else he can get his hands on in his mouth...

... or has his arms out to the side as if he were going to take off in flight. Seriously, everyone who has been around him any length of time has commented on how his arms are ALWAYS perpendicular to the rest of his little body, especially when he is being held.

I need to remember his capacity for focusing in on whatever it is he is looking at...

... and how he wears his emotions on his eyebrows rather than on his sleeve...

...and how serious he can be... especially when he is eating or around new faces. For Grayer, the eyebrows say it all.
Grayer guy, I love the way you wave with your whole arm when someone you love comes into view, the way you look back at me and then take off quickly when you are going somewhere you are not supposed to go, how curious you are about EVERYTHING, and how when you meet an unfamiliar face, you survey them closely with your eyebrows furrowed before giving them your sweet Grayer smile. I love the way you started pulling up even before you could crawl, because you just HAD to see what was going on above you. I love how you look at your sister, giggle hysterically when she plays peek-a-boo with you, and wait until she has put the final touches on her block towers to hurry over and demolish them. I absolutely love the way you rush over to shoes and try to eat them before anyone discovers our failure to put our shoes out of your reach. I love how you bounce while holding on to the coffee table when you hear music, and are quite vocal with your feelings- whether happy or sad. You are so curious and do not miss a thing. I foresee very tiring toddler years ahead, but you are more than worth it. I am beyond thankful that you have seemed to grow out of most of your health "issues". You got tubes in your ears at 7 months, after basically one long ear infection your entire life, and it has made a HUGE difference. You do not have to have daily breathing treatments anymore, which is wonderful for your mommy. You are just pure joy to me. I would never put you down if I didn't have to, or if you would let me :) You are your father trapped in a baby's body... and I LOVE it.

Our little family of four at Grayer's dedication at Harris Creek Baptist Church.

Grayer's first day of Parents' Day Out... He loves his teachers, riding in the buggy, and consoling his little friends when they are sad. I love hearing about these things :).


I could not be more thankful for these nine months with our budsy!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Cambell Grace Cook turned THREE YEARS OLD on May 7th. I cannot believe my baby girl is three. She seems so grown up these days. Still a drama queen and a super sass, but the sweet outweighs the stink :).

To celebrate 3 years of Cambell, we had a party at our house with the theme, Monkeys Jumping On the Bed.

I believe the party to be a success because Cambell Grace LOVED it! Her little friends came over in their jammies to jump like monkeys and eat breakfast... my 3 year old's favorite things :).

Pink doughnuts galore!
The grown-up food...
My big girl with her "3" shaped doughnut!
Sweet child could not for the life of her blow out those candles.
We finally enlisted Ainsley's help :)
Little brother partied a little too hard...
So thankful for such sweet friends already!
Outdoor activities... The bounce house... or as Cambell calls it, the "Jumping Party"!

Sandbox fun!
Little artists at work...Sweet siblings enjoying the bounce house at the after-party...
Sweet Aunt Summer!
The team that made it happen! They were such troopers and people are still talking about Mimi's sausage balls!
Three sweet years with Cambell Grace! So thankful she made me a Momma! Some of Cambell Grace's adventures as a 3 year old...
My big girl in her cute outfit made by Lolli!
We've played beauty shop a couple of days and straightened Cambell's hair out of curiosity. She looks SO grown up and like a different child!
We said good-bye to Ms. Jackie's class at FUMC Waco. Cambell already misses Ms. Jackie, but is so excited for what PRESCHOOL will bring! Upon my explanation that she will no longer be in Ms. Jackie's class, Cambell Grace responded in her most dramatic tone, "It's not sad... it's so SO SO sad!" She also reached out to the side as if she was pattimg Ms. Jackie and said, "It's ok, Ms. Jackie".

The most exciting of her adventures as a three year old has been her ballet recital. Cambell was in the Tiny Tots class at Jenni Holley Dance Studio and LOVED it. I have been so pleased this year with all that my ballerina has learned and it has been a great experience. She loves Ms. Jenni and Ms. Tressie, along with her fellow teeney ballerinas. The little mice did a fabulous job, and by fabulous, I mean no one cried, tripped, or ran off the stage :). No really, they were adorable. I was backstage with them until the moment they went on stage and the other backstage mom leaned over and said, "This is my favorite part... The curtains will open and the crowd will say, 'awwwww'". Sure enough, she was exactly right.

I mean, how could anyone resist these little cuties?!?!
The girls enjoyed hanging out backstage. One of the moms came equip with ballerina coloring sheets, crayons, a DVD player, and ballerina books. After intermission, we brought Cambell in the auditorium to watch the performance and she was in heaven. It was so sweet to watch her watch the older girls and try to mimic them in front of her seat :) Grayer decided he was finished watching before the show ended, so we called it quits early and didn't take part in the finale. That was ok, because Cambell was the only Tiny Tot at the dress rehearsal who had no interest in sitting down with her class. She got up in front of everyone and walked to the side of the stage holding her crotch. Then she put her finger in her nose. Classy girl, that one.
I just LOVE these sweet girls. They are all going to be in the same class in the fall. And they will be starting TAP! So exciting.
Lolli and the supportive brother. I'm so glad Lolli and Aunt Summer got to come watch Cambi. It brought a flood of sweet memories.
So proud of my BIG GIRL! She's worth all of her drama :)